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Site News/Feedback: Push Notifications

In this digital age of news delivery we are looking into how to further enhance this site and how we bring the news to you. If you follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) you are already accustomed to our near real-time/live updates and notifications of breaking news, product announcements, exclusive reveals and in-stock availability of in-demand products.

That said, we are researching the implementation of push notifications transmitted to you via your phone, tablet, and desktop computers for even faster news delivery as we know you can’t be online every where at once.  The notifications would be opt-in of course but we wanted to take your temperature on this first before implementing that functionality (if at all).

If you have an opinion on the matter, feel free to leave a comment. If received positively, we’d look for it to go into effect February 1.

*image above is representational and not reflective of the final design

How Would You Design a 3.75″ Hasbro Death Star?

Not suggesting that it’s going to actually happen… (or am I?), but if Hasbro were to finally get the ball rolling with a serious Death Star playset in the 3.75″ scale, how would you design it?  And if it were legitimately awesome, how much would you be willing to shell out for something truly epic that would be the centerpiece of any 3.75″ Star Wars collection?

For reference, there have been some really awesome custom playsets made by some very talented fans, the very cool Micro Collection Death Star World back in the vintage days (could be a great design to upscale in 3.75″) and of course you can pretty much build your own nowadays with the wonderful products at GTP-Toys.

But, back to the original question – what kind of format would you like to see?  What’s your budget (if done with care and detail – not talking about cardboard playsets)?  Or has Hasbro wasted the opportunity after sitting on their hands for over two decades now on this front?  Should Disney just do it themselves, and make expansion sets available to enable fans to recreate scenes from ANH, ROTJ, Rogue One, etc?

Personal Note:  Kudos to the guys at Jeditemplearchives for their article on this subject today.  This is a subject that is very dear to me in the hobby, and something that hopefully Hasbro delivers on sooner rather than later – and if not, I’d be 100% in favor of Disney just doing it themselves.  None of us are getting younger.  This dream needs to come true.  If Hasbro can’t figure it out, Disney is more than capable of doing this, and probably at a much better price than Hasbro would be able to.

Happy 2018 from

2017 was a fantastic year for Star Wars fans and collectors. We would like to thank you once again for your continued patronage of our site, the support of our sponsors and affiliates and your wonderful interactions here, in our forums and through social media.  It goes without saying that you are the reason that we’ve kept the site going for 20 years strong.

For 2018, we hope to continue our unique coverage of Star Wars collecting, bringing you the latest news, notifications and exclusive product reveals. We are also looking to increase the frequency of our In depth toyguide updates and concise product reviews.

Again, thanks for your support and may the force be with you.

Yak Friday Giveaway

It’s the craziest shopping day of the year, and once again we’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of our readers and forum members for their support and participation in our community.

This year we are giving away a couple of new prizes – Hasbro’s new Resistance A-Wing w/ pilot Tallie, and a Rathtar w/ Bala Tik!

Two random winners will be drawn – for more details on how you can throw your name into the hat, CLICK HERE.

Happy Thanksgiving from

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers here and followers across our various social media channels. We appreciate your continued patronage and we look forward to continuing to bring you our best possible coverage over this busy holiday season and beyond. Take the time to thank your family, friends and fellow fans and let them know how much they mean to you.