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Faster & More Intense Interviews


Recently our good friend Eric Berry (aka “Raylen” in our forums) from Hole in the Ground Productions took part in a podcast interview session with the folks at Faster and More Intense:

Star Wars Spotlights is a podcast where we hear from the many different people working to make the galaxy far far away a better place. This time on spotlights we talked to Eric Berry, who is the owner of Hole in the Ground Productions. We also talked to Paul Lindberg, who heads up Cloud City Holonet. Finally, we talked with Omar Meshar, who started Now I Am the Master. 

Check it out after the jump!


We would like to apologize to our many forum members for our forums still being down.   This downtime is completely out of our control.   We realize this is an inconvenience for our members.  Nobody wants the issues with our host resolved sooner than we do.

Due to the delay, we will look to possibly modify timing of our Yakfinities Customizing Challenges and Secret Santa Customizing Exchange.  We will also be hosting some giveaways for our members out of appreciation for your patience and support.

One With the Force…


It is with a heavy heart that we report tonight that one of our community forum members, Mark Grimshaw, passed away today from cancer.

Mark was known as Grimace in our community, and often shared a fun comic strip in our forums called Karaoke in the Cantina.  He was great at bringing a fun sense of humor with these and was active across our boards.   He had a strong passion for the Original Trilogy,  and an impressive collection of custom figures he had purchased and also some he even created himself.

Any thoughts one has to share can be posted in the comments section here or in his Karaoke in the Cantina thread; which is a great place to look back and reminisce about the contributions he made to our community.

Personal Note:  Thank you Grimace for all of your activity here at Yakface over the years and helping make our forums what they are today.  You were always great to chat with about the hobby and a positive part of our community.  You will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.  God Bless, and MTFBWY – Always.