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One With the Force…


It is with a heavy heart that we report tonight that one of our community forum members, Mark Grimshaw, passed away today from cancer.

Mark was known as Grimace in our community, and often shared a fun comic strip in our forums called Karaoke in the Cantina.  He was great at bringing a fun sense of humor with these and was active across our boards.   He had a strong passion for the Original Trilogy,  and an impressive collection of custom figures he had purchased and also some he even created himself.

Any thoughts one has to share can be posted in the comments section here or in his Karaoke in the Cantina thread; which is a great place to look back and reminisce about the contributions he made to our community.

Personal Note:  Thank you Grimace for all of your activity here at Yakface over the years and helping make our forums what they are today.  You were always great to chat with about the hobby and a positive part of our community.  You will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.  God Bless, and MTFBWY – Always.   

Yakfinities #56: Roundup Report


Our latest Yakfinities Customizing Challenge has just concluded, and with 60 different “Rebel Militia” custom entries, there’s a ton of customizing fun for your viewing pleasure in our Roundup Report.

So kick back, relax, and check out all the entries – and also see which of the participants are walking away with some cool prizes after the jump!

Yakfinities #57 – Pegwarmer Roundup


A new Yakfinities Customizing Challenge has just begun – the Pegwarmer Roundup!

Let’s face it, there’s figures that Hasbro makes just too many of, or the figure just falls short of expectations.  Sometimes, this is where customizers come in and save the day by making a purchase nobody else will… for a custom!

Got some pegwarmers in your area that a retailer can’t seem to give away?  Help these unwanted toys find a home (only to be chopped up repainted) by joining in the Pegwarmer Roundup!

Happy Memorial Day


Although we are a little late in our published acknowledgement, we would like to take the time to honor the brave men and women who served, fought and died for our country. It often takes a solemn commemoration to put things like toy collecting (or other trivialities) into perspective and further proves that we have very little to complain about in the ultimate scheme of things.

Action Figure Customizing Panel at C7

Customizing legend sillof (Jamie Follis) will be hosting a customizing panel at Star Wars Celebration on Friday, April 17th from 12pm-1pm.  Work from some of the Yakface forum members your are familiar with will be featured in this panel.  This will be the second time that Jamie has lead up this event, and if your are going to be at C7 and enjoy customizing or are interested in getting started, you ought to make an effort to attend.

At this panel, Jamie Follis will give attendees a complete overview of the process of creating or modifying your own action figures.  The panel will have something for newcomers as well as seasoned customizers including an introduction to the hobby, different types of customizing, instructions, suggestions, and tips on the hobby, and a showcase of some of the most creative fan made figures. Instructions will range from construction, to sculpting, painting, casting and 3-D printing your own pieces. A few lucky attendees will receive random prices. Jamie will also be hosting customizing classes daily at the Diorama Workshop area in the main showroom throughout the convention.

For more details, head on over to our forums or through the official C7 site.

Customs & Answers is Back!


We are very pleased to deliver a new installment Customs & Answers for all you customizing fans out there!

It had been a while since we had interviewed one of our active forum members like this – so while Hasbro seems to be dithering with the hobby, it made sense to interview a customizer who keeps the 3.75″ dream alive – Peakob1. 

Go grab a drink and kick back and enjoy some helpful tips and walkthroughs from one of our favorite customizers in the hobby after the jump!

Signs of Life at Target


Reports are coming in that Target stores across the United States are starting to receive singles here and there of the second wave of Rebels figures (already in the past week, I’ve seen more of these figures than all of Wave 1 combined since they were first released).

Be on the lookout as there’s a good chance your local Target store is receiving these too – even if it’s just 1-2 figures at a time.

Yakfinities: Create a Custom Bounty Hunter


The current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge has just over a month left – so if you like to customize, or have never created a custom but are looking for a reason to, we invite you to participate in Yakfinities #55 – Bounty Hunters.

The variety of entries thus far has been great, but there’s always room for more submissions, and remember, we’re going to have some random winners (regardless of skill level) after this wraps up at the end of March – so head on over to the forums and submit your custom, or just click through to see the cool creations made already.

Remaining Wish Lists – The Phantom Menace


Hasbro’s focus is going to be on the upcoming films moving forward, so it’s doubtful we are going to see them dip into the existing films for reference material for a while, but there’s still quite a few characters that have yet to be realized in plastic form, or could be released again in some manner.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be exploring some of these options in our forums, and invite you to join in the discussions here.