Han shot Greedo’s foot off first?


I haven’t personally had much experience with 6″ scale figure collecting, but seeing what happened to an ankle joint on the new Black Series Greedo to forum member dj121 has me shaking my head.  For $20.00, no figure should be doing this.

Hopefully this is an isolated incident, but it may be worth noting as a tale of caution.  If anyone else experiences this with any of the 6″ scale Black Series, we’d like for you to share your experiences in the forums.

Radio Drama Winners Announcement


As promised, here are the winners of the Star Wars: A New Hope Radio Drama Special Edition!

Alexander Gates and Kyle Zukowski

Each of you will receive a Light Side and Dark Side edition. To claim your prize, each of you must send an email to news AT yakface.com and I will then secure your shipping information.

A special thanks to Highbridge Audio for providing these prizes.

More Finds at Marshalls


Marshalls stores are now getting in the both the older Republic AV-7 Mobile Cannon and Plo Koon Jedi Starfighter, priced at $14.99 each.  Head on over to the forums and let us know if you have been able to score these as well.

Personal Note:  The cannon was cool; even at full price collectors and parents seemed to purchase them.  The repainted Jedi Starfighter that has been rehashed over and over?  We all know the answer to that and how those things kept the Mandalorian ship from hitting like it was intended.  I would assume that Marshalls stores will sell the cannons fast, but the Plo Koon ship… not so much.  They’ll continue to sit at this discount store just like nearly all Jedi Starfighters have for the past several years and will end up having to be clearanced.

Toyguide Update: Ewok Assault Catapult


The Yakface Toyguide updates resume with our next entry for the ever continuing Vintage Collection. Today, we take a look at the Kmart Exclusive Ewok Assault Catapult.

PROS: Again, Kmart proves to be the retailer of choice when it comes to Original Trilogy merchandise. Not only do we get 2 “new” and unique Ewoks, but an all new catapult as well.

CONS: It really would have been nice to get the dalmatian Ewok (Brethupp) that was originally solicited with this set. Hopefully that version will see the light of day.

Head to the toyguide for the full image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this set is worth adding to your collection.

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Yakfinities #50 Continues

The 50th Yakfinities Customizing Challenge has entered its second month, and already we have seen some of the most amazing entries ever in one of our customizing challenges.  We invite all of our readers who have any interest in customizing to join in the fun, and to check out the latest entries!

Reminder:  As in each Yakfinities, customs should be NEW customs, and not older work to be in consideration for prizes.  If anyone posts older work, it should be noted so we are aware.  Thank you!

Toyguide Update: Evolution of Darth Vader


The Yakface Toyguide updates resume with our next entry for the 2013 Vader Collection. Today, we take a look at the Evolution of Darth Vader Gift Set*.

PROS: The pros are few but this set does bring together nearly the best sculpts of each figure Hasbro has to offer and makes for a nice gift pack for $30-40. Surprisingly, the main reason to buy this set is for the Vader. Sure, it’s just the Evolution/TVC08 sculpt but the deco on the underlying head sculpt is a marked improvement over the TVC figure as it corrects that weird white stripe on the chin.

CONS: As if the world needed more opportunities to buy an Anakin or Vader figure. Pick this set up if you are one of the few completists out there that absolutely need every repaint or if you are an incurable Anakin devotee.

Head to the toyguide for the full image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this set is worth adding to your collection.

*This set was provided to us courtesy of site sponsor Entertainment Earth.

You can also weigh in with your impressions on the figures we add to our toyguide on facebook and in our forums.

Discount Stores Clearancing Hasbro Vehicles


Hasbro’s initial Class II Vehicle Assortment, after a very short-lived shelf life, started showing up at discount stores several months ago.  Stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx, unable to move these items, are now clearancing them down to $7.00 each.  So if you have one of these stores in your area, and want to buy smaller versions of what you already have, now’s the time to get them on the super cheap.

Personal Note:  One can’t help but remember how excited the Hasbro Star Wars team was when they announced these.  It seemed in their minds, the smaller/cheaper scale was the answer to their 2012 problems.  The overwhelming consense at the time from collectors across forums here and other sites was that this new scale was not a good idea, and look where we are now.  Rather than understand the problem Hasbro created in 2012 by pushing product everyone already had, they appear to have made their mess even deeper… at least in my eyes.   I’m not much of a fan of the 5POA style either, and am hoping that Hasbro isn’t planning on this sort of strategy with the Episode VII line.

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