Friday September 19th 2014

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UPDATE: Speeder Bike In Stock at

Toys’R’Us has the exclusive Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper in stock and at Buy one, get one 50% off. Stock up your Imperial Forces today!

UPDATE: Sold Out

Customizer Mega Spotlight

Just when I thought it was safe to take a break and focus on other priorities, the customizers in our forums have shown why this aspect of the hobby is just as fun as it’s ever been.

First off, you have to check out what Stronox has just completed – a different, and amazing take on the new Dathomir Nightsister figure – check it out, and more right here!

Next, we spotlight the latest masterpiece by Fritzkrieg – a Republic Commando Gunship Crewman!

Forum member super360 also returns with a fantastic update, a custom Aayla Secura donning Jedi combat armor, including some great WIP pics!

Last but not least, one of our favorite customizers, Darth Daddy, has revealed some insanely awesome Clone Wars Nightsisters – be sure to check them out as well!

Sponsor News: Big Bad Toy Store

Here is the latest from Big Bad Toy Store. Click on through to check out the newest pre-orders and new arrivals this week.


CollectorDASH Giveaway

Collector-ActionFigures is giving away a big lot of brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, and it only takes a few clicks to enter for your chance to win. Click on through for the details!


JTA Exclusive: The Final TVC Wave

After returning to the US courtesy of Lao Che Air Freight, Paul and Chuck from Jedi Temple Archives have posted the first detailed look at the final wave of The Vintage Collection figures. Head on over for all the details.

iPhone 5 Cases Coming Soon from PowerA

Early adopters of the new iPhone 5 will soon have those great new protective cases available from Power A! Today they posted via twitter that they are in production and should be available for the holiday season.

Episode 362: He’s Alive… And In Perfect Hibernation

Star Wars Celebration VI is almost a month behind us, but the memories are still fresh, as are the collectibles! From coast to coast Celebration attendees are receiving their Disney Carbon Freeze Me statues! Marjorie and Arnie got theirs in the mail last week, so listen to this week’s hands-on review of these truly one-of-a-kind collectibles! They’ll tell you if it would be worth a Disney trip if these return to the theme parks.

Also on this week’s show, your Star Wars Action News hosts review a couple of high end Star Wars items, including Sideshow’s one-sixth scale Greedo figure, and Gentle Giant’s Emperor Palpatine Return of the Jedi mini-bust.

With a discussion of the Vintage Droid Factory set and a segment from Republic Forces Radio Network’s Johnathan updating you on the lastest toys in stores and online, it’s all on this week’s Star Wars Action News!

Download the Regular Version or Enhanced Version

ToyMan Collector Show Returns

The ToyMan Collector Show is back in St. Louis on Sunday, September 30.  With  over 180 dealer tables, you never know what Star Wars, GI Joe, or Transformers items you might find, and often at great prices.  For more details, click on the image above.

Jumbo Cantina Playset QnA

Our friends, and The Force United partner, YodasNews have posted an exclusive interview with Gentle Giant discussing their upcoming Jumbo Kenner Cantina Playset. Head on over to check out details on its development and production including exclusive images of the Vintage-style packaging!

Ultimate Action Figure Collection – Part 1 updates today with a new blog report from Steve Sansweet delving into the process of making his latest book: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection along with his Rancho Obi-Wan associate, Anne Neumann, Dan Curto ( and Paul Harrison (

Fighter Pods Tin In Stores in 2 Weeks

Thanks to a report from our friend DarthChuck, collectors of the Fighter Pods line can expect to see the Target Exclusive Darth Maul Tin (087-06-1178) in stores the week of October 10.

Facebook Exclusive: Emperor Palpatine Mini Bust

Head to our Facebook page to check out an exclusive image gallery showcasing the new Gentle Giant Emperor Palpatine mini bust.

Sponsor News: Dorkside Toys

Click on through for news of what’s in stock, available for pre-order, and on clearance at including Vintage Collection, Marvel Universe and Avengers figures.


Sixth Scale Padawan Obi-Wan Now Available

Sideshow Collectibles has updated today an is now taking pre-orders for the sixth scale Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi. Both the standard and exclusive version include a switch out hand with light-up lightsaber and the exclusive edition includes and alternative dueling portrait. Order yours today!

Sponsor News: CollectorDASH

The Collector-ActionFigures Community is Headed for the Stars

Yakfacers are well aware that there are a lot of great online communities for action figure collectors, but none are as unique as the group of fervent toy lovers making up Collector-ActionFigures. Our members are dedicated to creating and maintaining the world’s most expansive catalog of action figures. Whether you only collect vintage figures, cling to Power of the Force, or just like your Star Wars in 12-inch form, DASH has something to offer you. p>

DASH and its community may be unmatched around the web, but things are about to get even better. My name is Corey Tincher, and I’ve been brought on to make DASH reach for the Stars and stay there. Simply put, it’s my job to keep DASH the absolute best place for collectors to gather, share, buy, and sell their figures with one another.

And I’m honored to join the vibrant community that makes Collector-ActionFigures so great. DASH members maintain the catalog regularly, contribute to an ever-growing number of various action figures for sale, and they help to expand the humongous action figure value guide available to our Collector’s Club members.

The DASH community truly makes collecting better, and you’re more than welcome to join CollectorDASH for action figures with me today.

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