Upcoming Yoda Comparison


Thanks to some previews courtesy of www.andrewstoyz.com and www.yodasnews.com, we have been able to get a closer look at some upcoming Black Series 3.75″ figures recently.

But the sad truth is, what Hasbro is going to be delivering falls far short of what we thought we were getting for two of the most anticipated figures of 2014.  While many people are laughing at how terrible the arm joints look on the upcoming Dagobah Luke, I find the Yoda to be even more saddening.  What looked like the ultimate Yoda looks instead to be a figure inferior to many of the past versions we’ve gotten of the little green man.

Thoughts?  Am I being too harsh on Hasbro, or do you agree?  Sound off in the forums.

Star Wars Tech Decks Kick Flip Their Way Into Target


Our friends at JediDefender posted news today that Star Wars Tech Decks (from Spin Master) have started showing up at Target hot off the announcement from Santa Cruz. For the uninitiated, Tech Decks are mini skateboards (about 3.5″-4″ depending on board style) that reproduce current or vintage skateboard designs. Seeing as that I grew up a “skater”, these will definitely be on my radar to acquire. The question is, can I still land a pop shove-it to 5-0 grind? Click on through for the image gallery courtesy of Flyguy.

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Episode 419: Locked Down with Joe Schreiber


Few first time Star Wars novelists get the promotional push that Joe Schreiber received in 2009 for Deathtroopers.  The first unabashed horror story set in the Star Wars universe the combination of zombies and the galaxy far, far away inspired cosplay even before the book hit shelves.  While somewhat controversial for its more R rated gore and violence, the book became a fan favorite and just one year later the sequel Red Harvest was released.

Now after a four year absence from Star Wars fiction Schreiber is back in bookstores with the new novel Darth Maul:  Lockdown.  This prequel era tale follows the Sith apprentice on a mission for his master before the events of The Phantom Menace.  Lockdown is a departure from the author’s previous horror stories but the hard action and flare for visuals remain–as does the promotion.  From the graphics flaunting Darth Maul fighting a Yuuzhan Vong to the news that this new story ties in closely with James Luceno’s 2012 book Darth Plagueis fan expectations couldn’t be higher.

In this bonus episode of Star Wars Action News Arnie talks with the author about what he’s been working on since 2010, what stories influenced this prison story, and what continuity landmines he had to avoid when setting a story in this era.  Listen to get all the behind-the-scenes details of this new book.

With Johnathan back hitting the bricks for a special LEGO focused “On the Pegs” segment, this is one podcast you won’t want to miss!

The Black Series Wave 4 Images


Andrew’s Toyz has uploaded a fresh batch of TBS series images to their Facebook page. Head on over to check out carded and loose shots of wave 4 from the 3-3/4” and 6″ lines. What do you think? Oy, those elbows on Luke ruin a potentially supendous figure. But hey it’s super articulated so it must be good, right?

UPDATE: YodasNews has posted carded and loose images of Bastila Shan and Dak Ralter to their Facebook page as well.

Concept of the Week #15

After a bit of a much deserved break, localgotal returns with another stunning addition to his Concept Series… Cinema Scenes!  This format of action figure 3-pks was very enjoyable back in the 1990s, and if done in the fashion that are shown in the forums, it seems that these would be very popular again, if not more successful.  Check out the latest additions to the Concept Series, and share your thoughts after the jump!

Episode 5: Bricks ‘N ‘Flix


Not much in the way of Hasbro news this week but Flyguy and I hash out the bevy of LEGO news that has been assembled, chat a bit about the Clone Wars on Netflix (no spoilers) and discuss our recent acquisitions. Click on over to YouTube to check out the latest show. Feel free to subscribe to our channel and leave suggests on what you’d like to see covered (more or less) on the show.

Black Series Wave 3 at Kmart


While many of us are losing more and more passion for the hobby due to Hasbro’s distribution problems, there is a glimmer of hope when you see a report like this, where forum member Jedighost009 just scored the latest wave of Black Series figures at Kmart.  Reports are also coming in more of these figures making appearances at Target the past week, so don’t give up and keep sharing those finds in the forums.

Personal Note:  Can you imagine if Hasbro had a better plan in place and had launched the first wave with what’s packed in Wave 3?  Geeze… it’s hard to not accuse of them being completely responsible for their own problems sometimes.

At this price, why not?


By now you’ve probably heard reports of Marshalls and TJ Maxx stores marking down the MTT to ridiculously low prices – if you’ve been waiting for your local store to mark one down, better head out quick… the Marshalls in my area had four of these marked at $59.00 as recently as Monday, then last night I swung by and they only had one left, for $39.00.  So don’t delay, be on your way!

Reminder:  Your mileage may vary.  Just because many stores have marked these down doesn’t mean your local store has yet. 

Hasbro Consumer Survey


Hasbro is attempting to get some feedback from their consumer base in terms of buying habits for their product lines.  They are mostly looking for more insights as to where consumers are buying Hasbro products, and why they are choosing online stores vs. retail.  If your email is on file at Hasbrotoyshop, chances are you are on the survey list.

So check those email boxes and share your thoughts in this study… and be aware there isn’t much chance here to share “open end” comments so if you want to explain the Star Wars hobby situation, take advantage of every open comment you see because we don’t get many chances like this to voice our concerns through “official research.”

Personal Note:  I think the survey is pretty dry, personally… I work in the research industry and don’t feel this gets to the heart of the matter… but that’s probably me being an unhappy collector and showing bias against the questions that are actually asked.

Star Wars Pre-Show Short Film


Yahoo Movies has posted an interesting article regarding a short 25-minute fantasy epic that was shown for a brief time back in 1980 in some overseas theaters before fans viewed The Empire Strikes Back.   According to the article, George Lucas had instructed 20th Century Fox to create something that would complement the dark nature of this Star Wars film.

This is a pretty fun read, and the short film sounds interesting.   You will even see some trees that look a bit like the ones on Dagobah here – check it all out after the jump!

Note:  It also sounds like there may be a chance that this short film could be included as a bonus feature  on an upcoming re-release of The Empire Strike Back on DVD/Blu-ray.

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