SDCC Hasbro Panel Recap


Hasbro announced a few items during their SDCC Panel:

The Black Series (6″):
Ahsoka (Rebels)
Sabine (Rebels)
Kanan (Rebels)
Jango Fett (AOTC)
Luke Skywalker Farmboy (ANH)
Elite TIE Fighter with Pilot (The Force Awakens) – $169.99
Darth Revan (Fans’ Choice Winner)

Star Wars Rebels (3.75″)
New Male Inquisitor (Season 2)

New FX Darth Vader Lightsaber
New FX Yoda Lightsaber

From what I heard, much more was planned to be shown, but mysteriously wasn’t. The wait continues….

Rumor: One Wave of The Force Awakens Figures Until Theatrical Release?


Take this for what it’s worth but we received info from a retailer that states (via corporate email) that the figures for The Force Awakens are not planned to be released in waves but in one mass shipment for September 4. In essence, everything we see on Force Friday will probably be all that gets replenished until after the film’s debut.

UPDATE: SDCC Exclusive First Order Stormtrooper Has Sold Out


At least people can shop safely now.

Anovos Reveals Imperial Shadowtrooper Ensemble


With signature black armor designed to increase sensor-stealth and equipped with light-warping cloaking devices, the Shadow Stormtrooper represents one of the Dark Side’s most lethal soldiers operating under Imperial Intelligence Agent Blackhole. ANOVOS is proud to present this first offering from the STAR WARS® Legends banner.

This piece can now be yours: either as a completed uniform with minimal adjustment work required, or as a kit that you can custom build for yourself.

Willrow Hood Secret Character Key from Acme Archives

Our friends at JediDefender turn our attention to this secret SDCC exclusive Willrow Hood Character Key from Acme Archives. What a surprise!

Official Pix Ends Star Wars License


Official Pix has announced that they have decided not to renew their Star Wars license as of this month:

In July 2015, Official Pix elected not to renew its STAR WARS license. This means other than current inventory, Official Pix will no longer be able to sell licensed STAR WARS photos and STAR WARS autographed photos. If you have an unfilled order, it will be completed.

Official Pix still has other properties, and will continue to have great relationships with STAR WARS actors, but until another company acquires the license, if any, there won’t be any new licensed photographs or autographs.

We’d like to sincerely THANK our many STAR WARS customers who have been with us since 2001.

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