Rumor Report: Target Exclusive Solo Trooper Pack?

Some investigation this morning has turned up information regarding a possible trooper multi-pack coming to Target in Hasbro’s Force Link 2.0 line. From what I’ve seen, this set includes 6 troopers from Solo: A Star Wars Story:

Mimban Stormtrooper
Stormtrooper Officer
Imperial Patrol Trooper
TIE Fighter Pilot
Mudtrooper A (red arm band – Han corporal)
Mudtrooper B (white arm band – medic?)

This set answer the questions regarding the those missing troopers from the Hasbro Force Link app we revealed back in June. Price is set at $44.99. Pertinent info has been added to our UPC/DPCI Master List.

Update:  street date: 8/5 (subject to change)

Yak’s Top Ten: Clone Wars 6″ Scale

Yak’s Top Ten continues with The Black Series:  Clone Wars.

This is an unofficial, informal list to see what figures everyone in our community would like to see in future Hasbro line-ups and since Hasbro likes to check in on fan sites, perhaps our voices will be heard!

To submit your Top Ten Clone Wars wish list (6″ scale), you may do so  in the comments section right here, or by heading on over to the forums.

Also, you can check out the results from the first list (The Vintage Collection:  Clone Wars) by following this link!

Gamorrean Guards Hitting This Week

My store – Champlin, MN, July 29

Don’t give up hope on your hunt for the 6″ Black Series Gamorrean Guard. Stores are getting shipments this week and they will continue to get more plus, not all stores have reset their aisles yet. Over the past 4 days, my local store (Champlin, MN) has stocked the shelves twice (July 26 and July 30) since its release meaning some stores are receiving multiple cases and not just one, but as always your mileage my vary. For those that placed orders online, emails are going out stating a delay until August 20, so hopefully that will reassure you that you are covered until then.

New Force Link Rey and Stormtrooper Officer Images and Codes

Walmart has added product images for the upcoming Force Link 2 Rey (Jedi Training) and First Order Stormtrooper Officer figures. The missing UPC and SKU info has been added to our Master List as well for these figures and more (Quay Tolsite, Beckett, Patrol Trooper and the mysterious “Hades Joker 1”).

Click on through for the images.

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