How Would You Design a 3.75″ Hasbro Death Star?

Not suggesting that it’s going to actually happen… (or am I?), but if Hasbro were to finally get the ball rolling with a serious Death Star playset in the 3.75″ scale, how would you design it?  And if it were legitimately awesome, how much would you be willing to shell out for something truly epic that would be the centerpiece of any 3.75″ Star Wars collection?

For reference, there have been some really awesome custom playsets made by some very talented fans, the very cool Micro Collection Death Star World back in the vintage days (could be a great design to upscale in 3.75″) and of course you can pretty much build your own nowadays with the wonderful products at GTP-Toys.

But, back to the original question – what kind of format would you like to see?  What’s your budget (if done with care and detail – not talking about cardboard playsets)?  Or has Hasbro wasted the opportunity after sitting on their hands for over two decades now on this front?  Should Disney just do it themselves, and make expansion sets available to enable fans to recreate scenes from ANH, ROTJ, Rogue One, etc?

Personal Note:  Kudos to the guys at Jeditemplearchives for their article on this subject today.  This is a subject that is very dear to me in the hobby, and something that hopefully Hasbro delivers on sooner rather than later – and if not, I’d be 100% in favor of Disney just doing it themselves.  None of us are getting younger.  This dream needs to come true.  If Hasbro can’t figure it out, Disney is more than capable of doing this, and probably at a much better price than Hasbro would be able to.

Cantina Chatter: Episode 17 – Return of the Vintage Collection Discussion

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Rumor Report: Force Link Snoke To Be Individually Released?

For those that didn’t shell out the cash for the BB-8 Mega Playset, (or by one loose off of eBay) your 3.75″ Force Link figure collection has a glaring hole. Even though there is an all-new super articulated Supreme Leader Snoke coming in the first wave of the Vintage Collection in April, rumor is he will also be available as an individually carded figure in the Force Link/Star Wars Universe line. Look for him to possibly ship along side the Princess Leia Hoth and Maz Kanata (with jetpack) carded figures in the spring.

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