It was fun while it lasted…

If your Walmart is still selling TBS 3.75″ figures for $4.00 and you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, you may want to make those purchases soon as some stores are already raising the price back up to the “already reduced” price of $8.84.

Have you scored some goodies for the $4.00 price?  Are you still seeing the lower price in your area?  Share your experiences after the jump!


Off Topic: Mattel’s Jurassic World Line

Entertainment Weekly has revealed a huge set of images of Mattel’s upcoming Jurassic World line.   Check out the reveals by clicking on the above image.

How does this lineup compare to Hasbro’s attempt from 2015 at bringing everyone’s favorite island of prehistoric creatures back to life?   Share your personal take on how these two competing companies approached this toy line after the jump!

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