Sunday April 19th 2015

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UPDATE Rumor Debunked: Han Shoots First, Again?


There is a rumor circulating that there is a major change/correction in the release of Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection, and if true, will right a terrible wrong. Word is that A New Hope as been revised once again to show that Han shot first in the infamous confrontation with Greedo. There is no visual proof of this yet or word of any other tinkering going on with any other scenes in any of the other films. I guess we’ll know tomorrow.

Update: According to Dark Horizons, the rumor is false.

Celebration Customizing Panel Update


As we previously reported, customizing master sillof (Jamie Follis) will be hosting a customizing panel at Star Wars Celebration on Friday, April 17th from 12pm-1pm.  Some more details about the panel have been posted at his site.

This will be the second time that Jamie has headed up this event, and if you are going to be at C7, you ought to make an effort to attend.  Work from some of the Yakface forum members you are familiar with will be featured in this panel, including some custom figure giveaways!

Star Wars #4 Boba Fett Action Figure Variant Cover


Our friends at Jedi-bibliothek posted earlier today a look at the new Boba Fett Action Figure Variant Cover for Marvel’s Star Wars #4. This makes 2 action figure variant covers for this issue. – the first one being Chewbacca.

A New Proof: Kenner Star Wars Packaging Design 1977-1979


Preorders are now open for A New Proof: Kenner Star Wars Packaging Design 1977-1979 by Mattias Rendahl. This must-have book for vintage fans is limited to only 500 copies and features full-color imagery as well as interviews with the design team responsible for developing the signature Kenner line look. You can check out sample pages of the book at

For Celebration Anaheim attendees, Mattias will be having a panel on this book Sat., April 18, 1:30–2:30PM on the Collectors Stage (210AB)

Darth Vader #4 Now Available


The next installment in the Darth Vader series from Marvel is now available via your local comic book store. You can also purchase and download the digital version through Marvel’s Digital Comic Shop.

Revenge of the Battle Droids? Vader returns to Geonosis to build his army! The Dark Lord’s ascension continues!


Gus and Duncan’s Guide to Star Wars Micro Collection Toys


Gus Lopez and Duncan Jenkins have announced their next book in there expanding catalog of titles: Gus and Duncan’s Guide To Star Wars Micro Collection Toys. It will be available for purchase at Celebration Anaheim and online order will launch tomorrow (4.8.2015).

Update: Now available for order

Star Wars Celebration Collecting Track Patch Set


Star Wars fan sites unite for an exclusive patch only available at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

Star Wars Action News, Jedi Business, Jedi Temple Archives, Yakface and Jedi News have combined forces to create a unique piece of Star Wars memorabilia for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim! Together they have created the Star Wars Celebration Collecting Track Patch Set! Click on through for details.


Win a $10 Credit from VUDU


Wanting to pick up the Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection but looking for additional incentive? We are giving away five (5) $10 credits* toward a purchase through VUDU’s service between now and Friday, April 10th. Simply follow us on Twitter for your shot at a redeemable code**. Winners*** can redeem their code at

*Limit one per person
**Codes expire 5/31/15, must redeem within one year.=
***VUDU account required.

SMS Audio Announces Star Wars Second Edition


SMS Audio has announced their second edition of Star Wars wired headphones and they are available for pre-0rder now.

Choose from R2-D2™, Chewbacca™, Tie Fighter™ and Darth Vader.™ Or collect all four! These On-Ear Wired headphones are sleek, ultra-durable and comfortable. The professionally tuned 40mm drivers deliver amazing clarity and richness without distortion, for the same great sound as our other headphones. Shipping May 18th – 24th.

Celebration Merchandise Sneak Peek

star-wars-blocks has updated today with another sneak peek of exclusive merchandise coming to the Star Wars Celebration Store. Head on over to check out an awesome Space Slug jack-in-the-box, wooden blocks, apparel, patches and more.

Blue or brown? New Feature Definitively Settles the Debate


Blue or brown? A new feature available with the Digital Movie Collection definitively settles the fan debate on the color of Han’s parka in TESB. You can watch the clip now exclusively on

Celebration Exclusive: Mini LEGO Lars Homestead


It looks like LEGO’s Exclusive for Celebration Anaheim has unofficially leaked on eBay. Thanks to a tip from Groovebricks & “Just2Good”, we get a blurry look at a Mini Lars Homestead scene that includes a Microfighter-like Sandcrawler, a mini version of the Lars Homestead, mini Landspeeder, 5 micro figures (R2, C-3PO, Luke, Jawas x2) and a standard minifigure of C-3PO. No word as of yet as to an official cost, but as imagined, it is already demanding quite a premium on eBay. Head on over to Groovebricks for a closer look.

Celebration Anaheim: Vader Case Project


The Celebration Anaheim Collecting Track is proud to announce: The Vader Case Project

New this year to the Celebration Track is the Vader Case Project. At Celebration IV in 2007, the original Vader Project showcased artist’s talents by having them decorate and alter full sized Darth Vader helmet replicas. The results were stunning with artist’s rendering Vader into everything from a clown to the Statue of Liberty to Vader with a fruit hat. More can be seen about this project at

In a similar style, the Celebration Track has invited over twenty-five Star Wars artists and collectors to decorate a vintage Darth Vader carrying case with their own take on the Dark Lord. The artists include collectors like Gus Lopez, prolific Star Wars artists like  Chris Trevas, and even Nathan Hamill has joined in. The cases will be shown throughout Celebration in the Collector’s Track Social Room. So, stop by and see these wonderful pieces of unique artwork.

Click on though for more info on this project as well as stunning examples that will be on display at Celebration Anaheim.

Star Wars The Digital Collection Details has (finally) updated with official details for this Friday’s release of Star Wars: The Digital Collection. You can check out a trailer above then head to the official site from the full announcement.

Also of note that while there are several new bonus features available in the collection, according to the article: “Digital bonus offerings may vary by retailer”. : (

*Disney Movies Anywhere not available for Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV)


Celebration Exclusive: Electronic Max Rebo Plush


Underground Toys is the latest manufacturer to announce an exclusive for Star Wars Celebration. Check out the press release for the Electronic Max Rebo.

At the push of a button, the Max Rebo plush will play extracts from Lapti Nek; as featured in the Jabba’s palace scene from the original Return of the Jedi movie.

Max Rebo is the latest addition to the expanding fan favorite range which includes the Wampa, Tauntaun and Jabba the Hutt, amongst others. These specialty characters sit alongside the more familiar core line up of Yoda, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and R2-D2.

To celebrate the blue elephantine keyboardist joining the range, Underground Toys have launched a special edition for Star Wars Celebration 2015. The special edition, measuring in at 6 inches, will have ‘Star Wars Celebration, Anaheim 2015’ embroidered on the products’ base.

Thanks to Coffee with Kenobi for the heads up.

Celebration Exclusive: Gentle Giant General McQuarrie Mini Bust


YodasNews has posted an exclusive first look at Gentle Giant’s Celebration Exclusive General McQuarrie mini bust. Limited to just 500 pieces, this mini bust retails for $120.00 and is available for preorder now for PGM members.

Celebration Exclusives: Funko Announces Four Hikari Sofubi Figures


Funko has just announced via their blog, 4 new Celebration Exclusives (with one more yet to be revealed). Click on through to check the Hikari Sufubi “Verdigris” Greedo (LE 500), “Matte Black?” Boba Fett (LE 1000), “Icey” Stormtrooper (LE 750) and “Star” Clone Trooper (LE 1000)

Celebration Exclusive: Jumbo Kenner Droids C-3PO


Rebelscum has revealed Gentle Giant’s Exclusive for Celebration Anaheim: The Jumbo Kenner DROIDS C-3PO. This figure comes complete with vintage style card back, protective clamshell and a reproduction of the original collector coin. PGM members can look access to the pre-order page on Gentle Giant’s site to be live soon (as it is currently yielding a 404 error).

The Force Awakens Trailer and Teaser Poster To Premiere at Celebration Anaheim

theforceawakens is reporting (exclusively) that we will see a new trailer for The Force Awakens and the teaser poster at Celebration Anaheim next week. Head on over to check out their article.

Episode #58: Let’s Get Digital, Digital


Flyguy and Yakface are back to break down the latest collecting news from the past week. On this episode, we discuss the new images hitting for the 6″ line of Black Series figures, more price hikes at Toys”R”Us, Walgreens exclusive teases and more. Do you love goooooold? Funko revealed yet another exclusive Hikari vinyl figure last week. Is it a bounty worth hunting? We also discuss the imminent (official) reveal of  Star Wars: The Digital Collection coming to streaming services on April 10. All of this plus Celebration news, reviews and our latest toy purchases, acquisitions and more on Episode 58 of The Realm Recap! 

Click on through to check out the latest episode and feel free to subscribe to our channel and leave suggestions on what you’d like to see covered on the show.

Also, if you prefer an audio-only version, a downloadable MP3 is available as well.


Celebration Anaheim Collecting Track News


Every attendee to our collecting panels in room 210AB at Celebration Anaheim will receive a special commemorative “Star Tot”!  Based on the unproduced toy line from 1979, each flat die-cast enameled collectible measures almost 2” high, and features a charming rendition of your favorite characters from The Empire Strikes Back.  Be sure to collect all 20!

Click on through for a look at all 20 Star Tots as well as info on more panels and events.


Which One’s the Smuggler?


Forum member Darth Vlad’s Clone has shared nearly a dozen pics for your viewing pleasure of the new 6″ Black Series Han Solo in Stormtrooper gear – all side by side with the standard Stormtrooper.  Check out the pics, and let’s hear your thoughts in the forums!

Personal Note:  I’ll always be a 3.75″ scale collector, and want Hasbro to mostly focus on that line, but the more OT figures they make in this scale, the more I’m caving in and liking them.

Off Topic – Jurassic World Toys at TRU


Hasbro’s new Jurassic World line has been spotted at Toys”R”us, apparently breaking a “street date” of May 11.  Head on over to the forums for a closer look at some of the toys they had already put out – and share your thoughts on Hasbro’s performance with these dinosaurs in the forums!

Sponsor News: K & C Collectibles


K & C Collectibles has added the next wave of Saga Legends and Mission Series action figures 2-packs.  Click the NEW PRODUCT link for a complete list of recently added items.


In 2005, The Force Was Alive


A decade ago, a lot of us were in Star Wars collecting heaven with the ROTS product launch, and literally throwing our money at Star Wars as we ate up the action figure line.  Our good friends at jeditemplearchives have posted some great pics of the retail launch back then.  Take a trip down memory lane, and enjoy the images by clicking here!

Personal Note:  In my opinion, Hasbro should be looking back at what made that toy line so popular and needs a similar approach for The Force Awakens… great variety of vehicles, characters, troops, background aliens, weird droids, nice sculpts, good articulation, etc.  There were very few duds in the ROTS line, and the low price point and excitement for the brand were able to wash the silly figures like “spinning Yoda” and “Force kick Obi Wan” right off the pegs.  Star Wars needs a ROTS-kind of commitment from Hasbro again for this toy line to dominate the toy section like it used to.

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