Rumor Report: 3.75″ Imperial AT-DT Coming Soon?

In doing some recon on Brickseek earlier today (while researching the those new 6″ Black Series figures from “Solo”), I also came across a new listing (also confirmed on Amazon) for a Force Link 2.0 Imperial AT-DT – a new walker that was featured in the latest trailer. Pertinent info has been added to the Master List as well as the unofficial checklist.

New Solo 6″ Black Series Listings Found

Thanks to a tip from Sterling D., listings have been found via Brickseek and Amazon for three new 6″ Black Series figures from Solo: A Star Wars Story:  Val (Mimban) “Artemis Trooper 2”, Imperial Patrol Trooper and L3-37 “Medusa”. We’ve added the info to the Master List and you can find the Amazon to each on our Amazon Influencer page.

Target Exclusive 6″ Chewbacca No Show for Tomorrow?

Despite what the official Disney Consumer Products press release stated on Monday, I’m not too confident that collectors will be able to score the new 6″ Black Series Chewbacca from Solo: A Star Wars Story tomorrowUnless there is a surprise drop shipment, you might want to adjust your expectations for a time frame closer to May 1.

Solo: An Unofficial Checklist 1.0

Here it is! Our official “unofficial” checklist for this Friday’s merchandise launch for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Within the pages you will find the recent officially announced products as well  unannounced products that we’ve been revealing exclusively here for months. Brands covered are Hasbro, Funko, LEGO, Mattel, and Jakks Pacific. There are several products that are on the list that will come out throughout the year* (i.e. not available on Friday, April 13) but I felt it best to include them anyway so you can plan ahead. They are coded with red boxes for easy identification.

This is version 1.0 so if there are any major announcements prior to Friday, I will add them.


*Subject to change/cancellation

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