Friday October 24th 2014

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Star Wars Rebels Signage at Walmart


Walmart is starting to prep for the arrival of Star Wars Rebels product with new signage in their toy aisle. Hopefully, actual Rebels action figures will arrive soon to fill it out.

UPDATE: 6″ Black Series Exclusive Pack


We were sent this image this morning of an upcoming 6″ Black Series Exclusive Pack which includes repacks of 4 figures: Han, Slave Leia, Boba Fett and Greedo. Look for an update soon with more info on where (probably Costco or Sam’s Club) you can find this and when.

UPDATE: Juan Carlo sends us word that he found this at a Walmart in Monterrey Mexico for $999 Pesos ($77 US). No word yet on US distribution.

Episode 35: NYCC Wrap Up and More


The Realm Recap is back again this week picking up where we left off with NYCC news as we touch on a few developments released through QnAs from various sites in attendance. Hot Toys surprises this week with the tease of a new 12” Stormtrooper – which may be more than meet the eye (oops, wrong franchise). 2015 LEGO set images were revealed/leaked this week, again running the gamut of source material and they all impress. Lots of Star Wars Rebels news this week with new (and free) shows, the return of James Earl Jones and Kanan getting an original story in 2015. This and much more in Episode 35 of The Realm Recap!

Click on through to check out the latest episode and feel free to subscribe to our channel and leave suggestions on what you’d like to see covered on the show.

Also, if you prefer an audio-only version, a downloadable MP3 is available as well.’


Disney Store 6″ TBS Discount


Disney Store is holding their Star Wars Rebels in-store event this weekend offering free prizes and activities at scheduled times (see stores for details). But there are also sales to be had as they are offering Hasbro TBS 6″ figures for only $7.49 each.

Thanks to Corey from The Wolfpack Podcast for the report.

Star Wars: Kanan “The Last Padawan”


Marvel announced today at NYCC a new Star Wars comic series titled, Star Wars: Kanan – The Last Padawan” by Greg Weisman and Pepe Larraz. The arc delves into Kanan’s backstory as a young Padawan and his escape from Order 66.

Watch for it at your local comic shop and online beginning April 2015.

WolfPack Podcast Special Episode: Freddie Prinze JR Interview


On this very special episode of The WolfPack Podcast, we are joined by the very awesome and talented Freddie Prinze JR, who voices Kanan Jarrus on Star Wars Rebels. We talk about Rebels Seasons 1 and 2, Kanan’s back story, Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian, Darth Vader, Star Wars Weekends, and much more in this brand new episode! May The Force Be With You, Always.

Introducing THE COMLINK!


RebelForce Radio’s David W. Collins, host of Star Wars Oxygen, along with Hughes The Force director J.C.Reifenberg bring you The Comlink – a NEW weekly Star Wars show on YouTube via Kevin Smith’s See Smod Network! This week, David brings you the latest Star Wars news and chats with James Arnold Taylor (The Clone Wars).

This Target Has Gone Loco


Brian K. (who last week shared finding all 3 new Star Wars Rebels vehicles for $7.48 each) shares this image from his local Target store. Clearly, his store is confused.

New Hot Toys Stormtrooper or Something More?

Images have been hitting the various social media feeds out there but this one in particular is quite interesting. Hot Toys’ Secret Base has on display a couple of licensor-pending sixth scale Stormtroopers but note the different heights? Could we in fact be getting a Han and Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise as well?

New TBS Boxed/Carded and Loose Images


We’ve added some new high-res images (for documentation/archiving purposes) of the soon-to-be-released “Wave 6″ in the Black Series assortments of 3-3/4″ and 6″ figures. Nothing technically “new”, but new to us. Click on through to check them out.


Customizer Spotlight: 6″ Scale AT-ST


We shared the custom 6″ scale AT-AT WIP a few days ago and mentioned this piece but today we’re giving it is due spotlight. Brandon Flores in an unbelievably short amount of time, constructed a 6″ scale AT-ST with full functional cockpit. Click on through to view the process of this amazing build from start to finish.


Sponsor News: Urban Collector


This week we are featuring new PreOrders like the Luke & Leia ArtFX+ statue, Batman One:12 Collective figure and Harley Quinn Variant Kai! Click on through to check out the full newsletter.


Boba Fett Premium Format Figure Now Available


Sideshow Collectibles is now taking preorders for their new Boba Fett Premium Format Figure and is priced at $439.99

Sponsor News: Entertainment Earth


Entertainment Earth is now taking preorders for wave 6 of The Black Series. Included in this wave are 2x of the following:

Darth Vader
Luke Skywalker (Wampa Attack)
Darth Malgus
Starkiller (Galen Marek)

Rykrof Enloe Series: A Bigger Galaxy


The photonovel adventures of Rykrof Enloe are set to continue in the near future – but a big part of the process before any story can begin is creating new environments for he and his plastic friends to explore.  Head on over to the forums for a closer look at the latest diorama that is being constructed after the jump!

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