Wednesday November 26th 2014

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Toyguide Update: Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios and Stormtrooper (MS01)


The Yakface Toyguide updates resume today with the next entry in the Star Wars Rebels 3-3/4″ line. Today, we take a look at the Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios and Stormtrooper Mission Series set (MS01).

PROS: Faithful representations in terms of sculpt and deco to their animated likenesses. Zeb is a hulking figure, not too dissimilar from the POTF2 Chewbacca which, in and of itself, has an inherent charm. The Stormtrooper is almost a straight reinterpretation of the Vintage Kenner figure with the added benefit of neck articulation. The figures can both stand and hold their weapons well and fit in the new Star Wars Rebels vehicles*.

CONS: Paint is still a slight issue with Hasbro’s product. Depending on your sample, you might get varying degrees of quality on the line work and some bleed over in areas. For example, one of the stormtroopers that I have has the gray “frown” on the helmet completely off center. People are clearly divided on the simplistic articulation as well. For now, this is the only manner in which you can receive Zeb as he’s not slated for a separate carded release, which is too bad considering his main character status. Also of note, the stormtrooper does have a slight color shift in the limbs and head (which are slightly yellow) compared to the bright white body.

*Note Due to Zeb’s width, he can’t fit in the cockpit of the Phantom, but he can ride in comfort in the storage/cargo area.

Head to the toyguide for the full image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this set is worth adding to your collection.

You can also weigh in with your impressions on the figures we add to our toyguide on facebook and in our forums.

Rebels/Legends Mission Series Orders Arriving

Much to my delight, my order for the Star Wars Rebels/Saga Legends Mission Series assortment arrived today courtesy of Entertainment Earth. The cases includes: 3x Zeb/Stormtrooper, 3x R2-D2/C-3PO, 2x Luke Skywalker (Bespin)/Darth Vader, 2x Darth Sidious/Yoda and 2x Boba Fett/Stormtrooper. Click on through for carded images as we prep toyguide entries for each of these.


6″ TBS Wave 5 Hitting ToysRUs


Again, thanks to GrandMoffNick from JediDefender, ToysRUs can be added to the list of retailer (here in Minnesota) getting wave 5 of the 6″ Black Series.

Target Exclusive TIE Advanced Prototype with Inquisitor Found


Our friends at The Wolfpack Podcast scored the Target Exclusive Star Wars Rebels TIE Advanced Prototype with Inquisitor figure from Target. It appears that the assortment breaks down as follows 2x Phantom with Kanan and 1 TIE Advanced Prototype with Inquisitor.

6″ TBS Wave 5 Hitting Target


Again, thanks to a tip from a collector at JediDefender, we can report that Wave 5 of the 6″ Black Series has started to hit Target. The wave includes Darth Vader, Sandtrooper, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight). Good luck and if you find any on your Halloween hunt today, drop us a line at

Gentle Giant Halloween Slash-A-Thon


Gentle Giant is prepping a huge Halloween “Slash-A-Thon” inventory sale loaded with previously sold out products that command quite a high price on the secondary market. Items included Jumbo Kenner figures, mini bust, statues, maquettes, PGM exclusives and more. Sale starts today at noon PT and runs until November 7. Items available are very limited some as little as 1 and as many as 15 so don’t delay.

Target Exclusive Phantom with Kanan Found


Thanks to a tip from a local collecting friend at JediDefender, I managed to find the Target Exclusive Star Wars Rebels The Phantom Attack Shuttle with Kanan vehicles on shelf. Oddly enough, it shares the same DPCI with the non-exclusive vehicles (087-06-1382) so doing a search won’t necessarily yield success in finding them.

SHFigurarts Luke and Han (ANH)


Also revealed at Tamashii Nations 2014, 2 new 1:12 scale SHFigurarts figures depicting Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in their classic A New Hope outfits.

New Bandai Movie Realization Figures


Tamashii Nations 2014 is currently underway and at the event it has been revealed that several new Samurai-inspired figures are on the way including a Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper, Snowtrooper and Royal Guard. Head on over to ToyzMag for a closer look.

Sixth Scale Luke Skywalker X-wing Pilot Now Available


Sideshow is now taking preorders for their Sixth Scale Luke Skywalker X-wing Pilot figure. Be sure to get the exclusive version that includes a switch out hands for pre-/post-flight display options. Be prepared though as serving in the struggle against The Empire will set you back 239.99 credits.

Sideshow Reveals 1:6 Scale Indiana Jones – Temple of Doom


Cover your heart wallet! Sideshow updates today with a reveal of their upcoming Indiana Jones – Temple of Doom Sixth Scale figure. Fortune and glory will be yours soon.

Entertainment Earth Black Series, Rebels & Mission Series Orders Processing/Shipping


Keep an eye on those email inboxes as preorders for The Black Series Wave 6, Saga Legends/Star Wars Rebels Wave 4, and Mission Series Wave 4 are starting to process and ship out from Entertainment Earth.

Sideshow Exclusive Hot Toys Stormtrooper Set Up For Preorder


Sideshow is now taking preorders for the exclusive Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Stormtrooper set that includes the BONUS Weapon Rack. Scheduled for released in August 2015 this set of two stormtroopers is available now for preorder for $399.99

You can also preorder the regular edition Stormtrooper set ($399.99) or a single Stormtrooper for $199.99

Black Series Sale at

kmart-logo is currently offering discount on several of their 6″ Black Series figures including Jabba and the Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper for $31.99 each with FREE Shipping on orders over $59.

New Photonovel Updates Compiled


Eager for some fresh Star Wars and Indiana Jones adventures? Or just need a break from the daily grind?  If so then kick back and enjoy the latest updates from the, as forum member Darth Kikinou has compiled several new photonovel chapters from our forums and from other various community members into his consolidated resource site.

Hot Toys Announces 1:6 Scale Stormtroopers (3 Options To Choose)


Hot Toys has officially taken the wraps off of their Sixth Scale Movie Masterpiece Stormtrooper figure(s). There are a few options available as you’ll be able purchase a single stormtrooper (30cm tall), a Stormtrooper set that includes 2 troopers of varied heights (30cm and 28cm) which also includes a bonus exclusive heavy blaster rifle and mouse droid and a third option (available in select markets) that includes the bonus accessories PLUS a weapon rack.

Watch for an official preorder announcement soon from Sideshow Collectibles.

Star Wars Battlefront Released Holiday 2015


Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy Book Trailer

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy in this special trailer where author Brandon Alinger received unprecedented access to the original costumes from Episodes IV-VI.

Star Wars X-wing and TIE Fighter Now Available


As rumored yesterday, Lucasfilm classic Star Wars games X-wing Special Edition and TIE Fighter Special Edition are now available for purchase and download for Windows PCs for $9.99 each from

LEGO Star Wars UCS TIE Fighter for 2015?


Rumors are floating about that the next UCS (Ultimate Collector Series) set from LEGO will be a TIE Fighter with a projected released date of Star Wars Day (May 4th) 2015. Head on over to Groovebricks for additional details.

Episode 435: It’s the Yoda Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!


Reviews of Hasbro’s 6-Inch Speeder Bike with Biker Scout and Walgreens exclusive Boba Fett in Prototype Armor, plus store reports and a look at new collectibles online.

Halloween is this week and the costumes and decorations have started to go on sale! On this week’s Star Wars Action News hosts Marjorie and Arnie discuss the hard-to-find collectibles that combine Trick-or-Treating with the Galaxy Far, Far Away!

Also on this week’s show–reviews of two new 6-inch figures! First they look at the Hasbro Black Series Biker Scout with Speeder Bike, the first vehicle in the new, larger scale. Does it live up to the preview shown at SDCC?

And then the first Walgreens exclusive Hasbro Star Wars figure–Boba Fett in Prototype Armor. How does this compare to the original outfit, and is it worth the (bounty) hunt?

With Johnathan joining for an On The Pegs segment and a look at the latest offerings from Gentle Giant and Sideshow, it’s all on this new episode of Star Wars Action News!

Star Wars Rebels: “Rise of the Old Masters” Airs Tonight


Reminder, the next Star Wars Rebels episode “Rise of the Old Masters” airs tonight on DisneyXD. The rebel crew undergoes a rescue mission only to face a powerful foe.

Sponsor News: K&C Collectibles

K & C Collectibles has in-stock the New Star Wars Hot Wheels Character Cars and Playset.  Also new Holiday Ornaments from Hallmark and Gentle Giant Hoth Wampa and Luke Skywalker Hoth Battle Gear.  We also have in stock Wave 4 & 5 Black Series 3 3/4″ action figures. Click the NEW PRODUCT link for a complete list of recently added items.


Rumor: Episode VII Trailer Score Soon


This post over at John Williams Fan Network suggests that soon John Williams will be preparing a score to accompany an Episode VII trailer he recently received.

A reliable source just said JW received a trailer from JJ Abrams on Monday, Oct 20.  JW has already written new Star Wars music to accompany this trailer.  This new trailer music will feature new music and will be recorded on November 15 in LA with full orchestra.  Still determining if the score will be recorded in London due to advanced age of composer/conductor.  14 hour flight to LA not too kind on 82 year old.  This is all a secret and this message will be deleted shortly.

Spark of Rebellion Special Edition Tonight


As a reminder, ABC tonight is airing Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion with bonus footage of Darth Vader voiced by James Earl Jones. It will be brief, but should be memorable. Check your local listings for air times.

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