Sunday October 26th 2014

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Sponsor News: Entertainment Earth


Entertainment Earth is now taking preorders for wave 6 of The Black Series. Included in this wave are 2x of the following:

Darth Vader
Luke Skywalker (Wampa Attack)
Darth Malgus
Starkiller (Galen Marek)

Rykrof Enloe Series: A Bigger Galaxy


The photonovel adventures of Rykrof Enloe are set to continue in the near future – but a big part of the process before any story can begin is creating new environments for he and his plastic friends to explore.  Head on over to the forums for a closer look at the latest diorama that is being constructed after the jump!

Yakfinities #53 Roundup Report

Star Wars merchants get one last hurrah in Yakfinities #53 with the Roundup Report!  We had dozens of awesome entries and even a few dioramas made for this customizing challenge – which you can check out here.  Some good prizes this round too, including our first round of vehicles we’ve given away for a Yakfinities.

James Earl Jones Returns as Vader for Star Wars Rebels

jamesearljones has confirmed the rumors and speculation of James Earl Jones returning to voice Darth Vader on a special re-broadcast of Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion.

Episode 34: NYCC 2014 Special Edition


On this very special episode of The Realm Recap, Flyguy and I give our first impressions of all that was revealed from Hasbro at their NYCC ’Twas the Night Before Party. There is a lot to take in this year (for a nice change of pace) with several new offerings from 6” and 3.75” Black Series line, 3.75” Saga Legends/Rebels line and Mission Series assortment. Plus, we get confirmation on a few additional 6” and 3.75 Black Series figures for 2015 and some that have been cancelled.

Click on through to check out the latest episode and feel free to subscribe to our channel and leave suggestions on what you’d like to see covered on the show.

Also, if you prefer an audio-only version, a downloadable MP3 is available as well.


Hasbro NYCC Press Images


For your review, here are Hasbro’s official images for (some of) the products revealed at their NYCC Preview Party. Enjoy!


Hasbro’s NYCC Party Reveals


Hasbro’s Preview for NYCC kicked off tonight in grand fashion with a lot of reveals for the 6″ Black Series, 3-3/4″ Black Series and Saga Legends/Star Wars Rebels lines. Click through to check out what was shown!


6″ Clone Commander Cody

6″ IG-88 and Emperor Revealed

New TBS Revealed at NYCC via JediDefender

From our friend Jeff at JediDefender – new TBS goodies –  3-3/4″ Jawas, Mosep, 3po, boushh, Carbonite Han, plus  6″ Clone Captain, Boushh

Bandai Namco Announces Star Wars Battle Pod

The first Star Wars related announcement from NYCC has made its way out to the masses via our friend Johnamarie (@BlueJaigEyes) as Bandai Namco reveals Star Wars: Battle Pod. Click on through for some descriptive tweets and a YouTube video


Star Wars Celebration Tatooine Pin Set

The Star Wars Celebration twitter feed informs ticket holders that next pin set/t-shirt combo (designed by Christopher Lee) is now available for purchase.

UPDATE: Imperial Shadow Squadron Now Available

TGT-Black-Series-Imperial-Shadow-Squadron is now listing their exclusive Black Series Imperial Shadow Squadron set with FREE Shipping.

UPDATE: Sold Out – 12:30pm CDT (90 min after our original post)

Hasbro NYCC Preview Coverage


While we won’t be there in person this year (again), we encourage you to check out the coverage of this year’s New York Comic-Con (NYCC), starting tomorrow night for Hasbro’s Preview Party via our friends listed below:

Galactic Hunter
Imperial Shipyards
Jedi Defender
Jedi Insider
Jedi News
Jedi Temple Archives
Star Wars Action News

We will be sharing the news from the event here and through our social media channels as we can so be sure to like, follow and +1 for the latest news. Also, be sure to tune in to this weekend’s episode of The Realm Recap (Saturday, 11pm EST) as Flyguy and I break down the reveals and announcements from NYCC!

Customizer Spotlight: 6″ Scale AT-AT WIP


Brandon Flores has captured the attention of many collectors and customizers with his scratch-built 6″ scale AT-ST and now he’s moved on to something even bigger: A 6″ scale AT-AT! Click on through to check out part 1 of a gallery of images documenting the build.


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