Wave 3 Trickling in at Toys”R”us


Any store reports of Black Series figures past Wave 1 are far and few between, but when you can score new figures (especially on sale), it’s pretty shocking these days.  With the Toys”R”us 30% off sale running this week, and some stores even receiving the latest round of figures, it may be worth your time in stopping by to see if you can walk out with a nice score.

When Hasbro hands you birds…


Each year, I become more and more disappointed with Hasbro’s neglect toward playsets and dioramas – and while there’s hope on the horizon with 3rd parties getting into the mix, I recently caved in and bought some Angry Bird sets to see if the pieces could be used for anything in the 3.75″ scale.

The results may be a bit mixed, but I’m satisfied enough to keep the pieces I did purchase – for a closer look to see if this is something that may be helpful in your scene building efforts, head to the forums.

Even more 3rd party diorama items coming…


What’s this?  Yet another 3rd party vendor swooping in to fill the diorama demands of Star Wars fans?  The crew at Imperialshipyards has the scoop, go check it out and the kickstarter for this project is set to launch soon.

Personal Note:  Why is it that Hasbro seems to think that when their brand is in decline, it’s best to focus on rehashes galore?  Why do they continue to ignore all the golden opportunities that the Star Wars galaxy has to offer? 

Oh, and thanks to YakPurge for the heads up!

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