Customizer Mega Spotlight

Comic Con may be over, but there’s plenty of new stuff to see in the Yakface Customizing Boards!

First off we take a look at some great new customs from forum member Luke Sprywalker,including his animated style Republic Commando.

Next up there’s some awesome additions you don’t want to miss from DanOfTheDead, be sure to check out a great twist on the Duros custom pictured above and more here.

Darth Phantom has also mastered the technique of weathering clone troopers. Click here for a huge update.

Last but not least, you certainly don’t want to miss some fantastic work from Peakob1; which includes an amazing rendition of Grand Moff Tarkin.

Hasbro Fining Stores for Breaking Street Date?

Here is an interesting story from frequent e-mailer EvilAnimation:

I decided to go Target at lunch and I found the entire wave of new Star Wars including vehicles and Clone Wars, and I noticed a lady that had a Hasbro name tag looking and scanning the figures. So I kinda hung around deciding if I need a couple of doubles like the AT-AT commander and cloud car pilot. I overhear her on her phone calling someone and then she gives the zip code of the store and store number and starts talking about a fine of $200 saying this stuff should not be out tell August 3rd. She then says that the manager is not there but she has already informed the supervisor and they are aware.

She also said that the new Transformers were out so they could be dinged on that as well. So I quickly grabed the figures I wanted and head to the front because I could hear talking about having someone from electronic come over and pull these off the shelf.

I think that $200 fine is per offending item and not a one time fee so if true, stores are looking at some serious infractions for setting the new goods early.

Share your thoughts on this in the forums.

Update: Yakface/SWAN CV Fan Party – Coming Soon

Now that SDCC has wrapped, we are gearing up for the next big thing: The Yakface/SWAN Celebration V Fan Party! The party is going to be HUGE – thanks to all who purchased tickets.

We’d again like to give a special thanks to all our friends and sponsors that have donated generous door prizes for our party giveaways!

Uncle Milton: who will have representatives on hand with Force Trainers with which you can test your midichlorian count! And they will be donating a Holographic Animation Lab and a Death Star Planetarium!
K&C Collectibles: Donating $50 in store credit
Brian’s Toys: Donating two F/X sabers
Sideshow Collectibles: Coruscant 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper (Sideshow Exclusive), A Republic Clone Lieutenant (Sideshow Exclusive), a Captain Antilles 12″ Figure, and a Grand Admiral Thrawn 12″ Figure!
Backstage Toys: Hasbro Interactive R2-D2!
Most Wanted Collectibles: who is donating a number of door prizes.
FlightPose: Vehicle Display Stands
Past Generation Toys: Donating four codes each redeemable for $25 in store credit

The 501st Legion who will be helping keep the peace!>

See you in a couple weeks!

Yakfinities Continues

New entries continue to pile in for the the latest Yakfinities Customizing Challenge, Photonovel Characters.

This unique Customizing Challenge allows for customizers to create a custom of any character that has appeared in a photonovel shown in the forums.

Check out the latest entries or to submit your own custom figure after the jump!

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