Customizer Spotlight: Luke Sprywalker


Tonight we spotlight the latest diorama by forum member Luke Sprywalker, which includes a custom made Gonk droid – this masterpiece looks like Sideshow quality to me and it’s a true shame they’ve never started making environments like this for the scales that Hasbro produces.   Head on over to the forums and feast your eyes on all the pics he’s provided, including “work in progress” shots.

RadioShack 80s Giveaway


RadioShack is taking it to the max with the most tubular giveaway ever imagined! They’ve started announcing fresh prizes last night just after their “Out with the Old, In with the New RadioShack”-themed Super Bowl ad ran, and they’re continuing today at Prizes include a Vintage Star Wars Ewok Playset, an original Return of the Jedi storyboard and more. Head to for the details on how you can win.

Helping a Collector and Friend in Need


Long time Star Wars contributor Nathan P. Butler (Star Wars Timeline Gold, Star Wars Action News) is in the midst of a medical situation with his wife, Jodi, and is asking the fan community for help. They have set up a GoFundMe account in hopes that our generosity can lessen their increasing financial burden. If you have the means, I encourage you to contribute whatever you can no matter how small.

How can the quality be this bad?


While I am passing on most of the 5POA figures due to their lack of appeal to me, I can’t help but look at the terrible paint applications many of these figures have (when you can actually find them, that is).  Example being the Mission Series Obi Wan Kenobi… I’ve seen 8 samples in person so far, and of those, maybe 1 had a decent paint job on the face.

We see terrible paint apps on a lot of the Black Series figures too – such as the Stormtrooper, which looks hideous.  Does Hasbro even care anymore?  Will this start getting better with Rebels?  Share your thoughts in the forums.

New Custom Diorama Bits Available


Hasbro may be ignoring the diorama and playset market, but as we know, others are not – such as forum member Raylen, who is now offering up a great custom door that fits in great with many Star Wars environments, like Echo Base.  He hints that more offerings are on the way, and I have a feeling based on this first item that those that jump on board with these items are going to be very pleased.  Head on over to the forums to find out how you can place your order!

Galactic Merchants Continue to Deliver


Not only is the Galactic Merchants team filling a huge void in collecting by creating great dioramas for collectors, but they’re also remembering the people who pushed to helped promote their efforts by giving a special thanks to us on their new packaging.  It’s things like this that go to show what a great community Star Wars fans are.

For those of you that have received your sets so far, we want to hear about it and see your displays!  Head on over to the forums and share your pics like others are doing.  And if you haven’t received your set just yet, I know they appreciate your patience.   This is a huge undertaking for these guys but they are really working hard to make each and every customer is happy with their order.

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