Five Below Finds Continue


These figures may not be to everyone’s liking, but last year’s second wave of Movie Heroes had some really nicely sculpted figures with very acceptable articulation and they are showing up at Five Below locations, for the wonderful price of $5.00 per figure.

Personal Note:  I can’t help but wonder if 2012 would have shaken out different if Hasbro had put this sort of effort into the Movie Heroes line at the 2012 launch; and supplemented the line with better figures for repacks rather than the direction they took.  If Hasbro had put more effort into the kid line for 2012, and Movie Heroes had not crashed and burned, would we even be seeing 5POA figures at all? 

Kmart Online Order Fulfillment Lacking


As suspected, some collectors have experienced “issues” when ordering the Kmart exclusive Scanning Crew sets online. We are reading and receiving reports that people are receiving duplicate sets (2 of one or the other) rather than one of each. In an extreme example, a local collector friend of mine JediMoses received 10 of the Death Star sets instead of an equal allotment of each.

Discount Stores Clearancing Hasbro Product


TJMaxx and Marshalls stores are marking down the smaller scale vehicles – down from $14.99 to $10.00 (and even $7.00 in some cases).

You know the market isn’t accepting Hasbro’s lineup when discount stores, who already have their prices lower than standard retail, are clearancing Hasbro’s product. 

Personal suggestion for Hasbro – Stop making smaller vehicles like these.  The lower pricepoint doesn’t matter if everyone already has better versions of these toys.  Instead, focus on making new items that haven’t been made before, or improving your product. 

And it’s a collective punch in the gut to a large portion of your loyal fanbase to refuse to make dioramas/playsets, yet continue down this failed path with this line of vehicles.  It’s bad business too.  Just ask the retailers who are unable to move this type of product for a profit.

Episode 407: NYCC 2013


In just a few years New York Comic Con has grown to have attendance second only to the 40-year-old San Diego Comic-Con. This year had big name stars like Sylvester Stallone, Sigourney Weaver, and more signing autographs, perhaps the highest profile autograph stars at any convention. On this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast Marjorie and Arnie report on the Star Wars reveals from Kotobukiya, their exclusive Art-FX+ R2 unit, as well as the other Star Wars collectibles at the con.

But the biggest Star Wars reveals were not at the Javits Center. Hasbro had no presence at NYCC, but they held a private press event the Wednesday before the con and the Star Wars Action News hosts were there. Listen to find out what was revealed, and what wasn’t. Plus find out Hasbro’s answer to “what’s right with Mara Jade?” and news on the notorious Black Series bubble issue.

With an update on all the new toys hitting stores from Johnathan, as well as a Vintage Viewpoint looking back at the Kenner Ewok toys, it’s all on this episode of Star Wars Action News!

Download the show: MP3 (Audio Only) / M4A (Enhanced)

A Wolf In Ghost’s Clothing…


It appears that the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels is, to borrow a phrase, ‘more than meets the eye’. Tucked in the back of the Ghost is a smaller fighter called the Wolf which has a very vintage Kenner mini rig feel.

Hasbro, please tell us that you are working on a Ghost/Wolf vehicle release for 2014? My 10 year old inner child is screaming for one!

Thanks to LightsaberRattling for the heads-up.

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