Darth Maul Clone Wars Storyline to Conclude in Comic Form


Newsarama has posted an exclusive report that the story arc involving Darth Maul in The Clone Wars series will be concluded via a four-part limited edition comic book series titled: Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir this May.

It is a huge disappointment that these episodes won’t be completed in their intended animated form, but at least the story will finally get some closure.

50 Cent’s SMS Audio™ Unveils Star Wars™ Limited Edition Headphones


SMS Audio has announced at CES 2014 a series of Limited Edition STREET by 50 On-Ear Wired headphones that will feature branding from popular Star Wars themes and characters including Stormtrooper, Rebel Alliance, Boba Fett and Imperial. Click on through for the full press release.

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Episode 413: 2013 Year In Review Part 2 – Statues, Books, LEGO, and More!


The Star Wars Action News team looks back at all other aspects of collecting in 2013 and what they hope for 2014!

In 2013 Gentle Giant had the Admiral Ackbar Magnitude bust, Sideshow Collectibles had Premium Format Figures from The Force Unleashed and The Old Republic video games, and LEGO sold a Fury-Class Interceptor from The Old Republic. In short, for Star Wars collecting companies the universe expanded last year. In this episode of the Star Wars Action News podcast join Arnie, Marjorie, Nathan, Brock, Steve, and Jerry as they look back on the strange and interesting year where companies tried to find a footing marketing Star Wars while biding their time until Episode VII in 2015! We look back on the books, busts, statues, 1/6 scale figures, LEGO sets and so much more in this new video-enhanced Star Wars Action News podcast!

Note: Star Wars Action News’ enhanced podcasts are now full HD video podcasts!  Read all about it in Arnie’s blog post.

Sponsor News: Kult Studio


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