Toyguide Update: Darth Vader “Dark Contemplation” Mythos Statue


The Yakface Toyguide updates resume today with a look at the Darth Vader “Dark Contemplation” Mythos Statue, the latest statue to be released from Sideshow’s Star Wars Mythos line.

PROS: While not perfect in its execution, the Vader Mythos statue is an amazing piece from concept to final production statue. It conveys a level of emotion and ambience  that few display pieces have on the market today. The sculpting is very well done, capturing the iconic costume in nearly every detail. And then there are the alternate head portraits. Sideshow’s crafters included both an “aged” likeness (reminiscent of Sebastian Shaw in Return of the Jedi) as well as a more youthful visage that is very close in its likeness to Hayden Christensen in Revenge of the Sith. These portrait are scary in their realism and almost appear to be made of flesh and bone. They, in and of themselves, are their own pieces of art.

CONS: Initial prototype imagery depicted Vader with a different pose for his right arm/fist and I think that would have improved the presentation even more than the production arm included. Also shown was an alternate arm revealing his cybernetic hand that too would have been great to have offered. Finally, the portraits revealing the human Anakin head are missing the breathing nozzles for the mask again as shown in the prototype.

Head to the toyguide for the full image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this piece is worth adding to your collection.

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The ISY Custom Zombie Exclusive!


Our good friends at Imperialshipyards are offering up some zombie themed head sculpts for all you customizers out there.  With Halloween right around the corner, now is the perfect time to place an order!

Personal Note:  Why hasn’t Hasbro made a Death Trooper?  Are they unaware that zombies are all the rage right now?  And don’t they realize how popular the GI Joe line’s Zombie Viper was (and still is)?  

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