Toyguide Update: CW15 Ahsoka (Scuba Gear)

The Yakface Toyguide updates resume today with the next addition for the 2012 “Darth Maul” product line. We continue with Ahsoka in Scuba Gear (CW15) from The Clone Wars line.

PROS: This all-new Ahsoka is a fantastically sculpted figure with an excellent likeness to her more “grown up” look in Season 4 and the overall paint deco is top notch with little to no bleed over – a least on my example. The scuba accessories work well with the figure despite the inability to display her in any discernible swimming poses.

CONS: Sadly, the lack of articulation in the legs really hurts this figure from being anything other than a nice mini Ahsoka statuary.

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Happy Star Wars Day

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