Walmart Reveals New 3.75″ Black Series Figures

Leave it to retailers and distributors to once again reveal Hasbro’s products for them as has posted the first look at four new 3.75″ Black Series figures coming exclusive to their stores soon. Head on over to check out place holder pages for Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron and Han Solo. Thanks to Jedi Temple Archives for the heads-up.

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Disney Store Elite Series Darth Maul Lottery


Reader Jedi Jaden writes in with some interesting details regarding the Monday, September 28 launch of the Disney Store Exclusive Elite Series Darth Maul Die Cast figure.

I just confirmed with two Disney Stores, that Monday’s release of the Star Wars Elite Series Darth Maul, will be using a lottery system.

Between 12-1pm (Est. Time Zone), lottery slips will be given to people in attendance.  Those who’s lottery number are picked will be able to purchase the figure later in the day.

Given that a majority of people do work for a living, it’s astonishing to me, that the think tank that is Disney, would not stagger the lottery times amidst it’s stores so that people who do have to work, would have a shot at getting a figure as well.

Amazon First Order Legion 7-Pack Delayed Until February


Those that preordered the Amazon Exclusive 3.75″ Troop Builder/First Order Legion 7 pack have started to receive notification that the item has been delayed to the end of January (Original release date was November), and in some cases, the first week of February as seen in the above image from reader Chance D.

Keep an eye out for additional info and we’ll update if any other developments arise.

Update: Twitter follower @socalrider received a similar notification with the revised February timeframe.

ThinkGeek Exclusive Life Size BB-8 Plush


ThinkGeek has announced their exclusive life size BB-8 plush figure.

This Life Size BB-8 Plush promises not to go on its merry way before you get a hug in. That’s because it has no motor inside. Just stuffin’. Did we mention it’s 2 feet tall? It’s weighted so the head stays mostly upright. Because nobody wants an upside-down droid, even a plush one.

Preorder yours today for $49.99

NYCC 2015: Hasbro Star Wars Panel


Hasbro will be giving a Star Wars product panel at NYCC on Thursday, October 8 from 11:15am-12:15pm.

Join members of the Hasbro team as they discuss the popular Hasbro Star Wars line that hit shelves on Force Friday! Attendees will get an in-depth look at Hasbro’s latest action figure offerings with a look at new product coming later this year.

Thanks to Corey from The Wolfpack Podcast for the heads-up

The Force Awakens (BAW) Figures Available at Dollar General


Chad Ryan writes in with word of finding the latest Build-A-Weapon figures from The Force Awakens at Dollar General.

If anyone is having trouble finding The Force Awakens figures keep your eyes open at Dollar General. Yes, I said Dollar General.I went to one in a small town called Arley, Alabama and found 6 figures. I picked up the FO Stormtrooper and the Flametrooper.

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