Future TVC Repacks…?

For better or worse, Hasbro is going to be supplementing the upcoming TVC line with repacks.

But, this could be a good thing if Hasbro is selective about it and picks great figures where demand still exists.  That way carded collectors get their TVC fix, while openers get another shot at certain figures too.

Which figures are good candidates for a repack onto a TVC cardback in your eyes?  Share your thoughts after the jump!

Micro Force Series 2 Blind Bags Hitting Target

Series 2 of the bling bag assortment of Micro Force figures from Hasbro have started hitting Target. I found the above here in Minnesota, collectors of this line and its previous iteration, Fighter Pods, may want to be on the lookout. Series 2 features mostly new sculpts from The Force Awakens and Rogue One, but also has a couple prequel characters to round out the wave.

More Black Series Discounts at Walmart

Many across the country are finding deep discounts on 6″ Black Series whether through errors in the system at Target for Wave 15, or clearance markdowns to $5 each at Walmart. For a few weeks, the 3.75″ Black Series was down to $8.84 but tonight I found them for $4.00 (Brooklyn Park, MN). There were dozens of Ackbar, Ahsoka and Lando but I did manage to score a couple Imperial Death Troopers and Cassians for customs, trooper building and diorama filler.

Update: Boba Fett Life-Size Bust Preorder Now Available

Sideshow has announced that preorders will begin later today for their Boba Fett Life-Size Bust.

Measuring over 30” tall, Boba Fett has an articulated helmet, allowing you to display him on the lookout for his next target. His helmet also features an articulated range finder and synthetic hair Wookiee scalps adorning his shoulder as trophies of his seasoned past.

UPDATE: Preorders now open

Update: Site Back Online – Commenting Online

Disqus issued an update to the plug in that we use here for comments and it temporarily disabled the site. Good news, we’re back, bad news is that Disqus is deactivated until an update is issued. Don’t worry, all previous comments should be preserved.

Update: Disqus has been repaired and is once again active. Comments are now open.

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