New Clone Wars Figures Hitting Retail

Reports are coming in that collectors are scoring the latest waves of animated figures this past week, mostly at Wal-Mart.

While prowling the pegs for Vintage Gamorreans, I saw some of the new Clone Wars figures firsthand, and was more impressed with these than most of their recent offerings… check out a few loose pics and judge for yourself if Hasbro is stepping up the quality on this line here.

Target Exclusive Vintage 9-Pack Details

Hasbro also sends word detailing the release of the upcoming Vintage 9-Pack.

It’s a very exciting time for Star Wars as the extraordinary Target exclusive Vintage 9-pack will be going on sale soon (Nov. 28th). There are two important things to note with this set. First, this set will be more limited than some of our other recent exclusives. Second, Target (and we) are so excited about the Vintage collection overall and these 3-packs that we have decided to keep this “collection within a collection” idea going at Target. Another wave of 3 3-packs will be coming in Spring and like these, they follow the Vintage character lineups. We think this an exciting development, and thanks to Target’s support, hopefully fans will be treated to even more in this series. Thanks again for the support and be sure to get to Target soon. Happy Holidays – the Hasbro Star Wars team.

There you have it! Start looking for this exclusive set next week.

Lost/Canceled/Delayed Comic Pack Revealed???

Adam Pawlus over at Galactic Hunter has posted an interesting discovery revealed on the packaging of Entertainment Earth’s Exclusive Comic Packs. These sets reveal an in-limbo set that was to include a super articulated Bespin Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in white Rebel Pilot Gear. Head on over for a closer look and for Adam’s take on all four exclusive packs.

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