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UPDATE: Saga Legends/Rebels Assortments Discontinued?


In what will surely provide great joy and additional grist for the mill to a certain segment of collectors, there is word from Andrew’s Toyz via Facebook that Hasbro has discontinued current cases assortments for the Saga Legends/Rebels line.

Hasbro has discontinued the current Saga Legends figure assortments and will not be making additional shipments. We may receive some cases of Wave 7, but we are not sure at this time. While unconfirmed, this is likely to devote resources towards The Force Awakens product line.

We have reached out to Hasbro via Hunter PR for any comment.

UPDATE: We have clarification from our sponsor at DorksideToys, the current cases assortments are sold out (not canceled) and won’t see another production run.

Digital Release Commemorative Collection Details


Following up on JediNews’ reveal of the Digital Release Commemorative Collection sets, Andrew’s Toyz has posted via Facebook new loose and boxed images of these packs. Some of the details have changed since first announced as Padmé is now included in the Episode I set (previously thought to include Obi-Wan). Look for release information and pricing to be announced next week at NY Toy Fair.

Thanks to YodasNews for the heads up.

Carded/Loose Images of Jabba’s Skiff Guard


Andrew’s Toyz has posted via Facebook, the first carded look at the upcoming Jabba’s Skiff Guard figure from The Black Series. As you can see, the figure omits the character name for something more generic, probably due to the confusion on which character this is intended to represent: “Sgt. Doallyn”  or “Brock Starsher”. It was confirmed in Star Wars Insider #143 that this is in fact Brock Starsher. Also take note that the included weapons shown with the new images are different than the ones shown in the solicitation image and from what was on display at Toy Fair 2014.

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Upcoming Yoda Comparison


Thanks to some previews courtesy of www.andrewstoyz.com and www.yodasnews.com, we have been able to get a closer look at some upcoming Black Series 3.75″ figures recently.

But the sad truth is, what Hasbro is going to be delivering falls far short of what we thought we were getting for two of the most anticipated figures of 2014.  While many people are laughing at how terrible the arm joints look on the upcoming Dagobah Luke, I find the Yoda to be even more saddening.  What looked like the ultimate Yoda looks instead to be a figure inferior to many of the past versions we’ve gotten of the little green man.

Thoughts?  Am I being too harsh on Hasbro, or do you agree?  Sound off in the forums.

The Black Series Wave 4 Images


Andrew’s Toyz has uploaded a fresh batch of TBS series images to their Facebook page. Head on over to check out carded and loose shots of wave 4 from the 3-3/4” and 6″ lines. What do you think? Oy, those elbows on Luke ruin a potentially supendous figure. But hey it’s super articulated so it must be good, right?

UPDATE: YodasNews has posted carded and loose images of Bastila Shan and Dak Ralter to their Facebook page as well.