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Vintage Collection 2018 Wave 2 Breakdown

Well, it looks it our initial report of the Vintage Collection wave 2 was accurate after all as Robot Kingdom has posted the case assortment breakdown. 3 new figures will be issued in this wave: Han Solo, Enfys Nest, Imperial Combat Tank Driver plus a repack Death Trooper from Walmart’s exclusive TBS line and finally, 4 peg roasting carry forwards consisting of Kylo Ren, Rey, Supreme Leader Snoke and First Order Stormtrooper. Head on over to check it out, plus take a gander at the (poorly kept secret) Enfys Nest carded figure.

6″ Black Series Rebel Trooper Boxed Image

An image of the upcoming 6″ Black Series Rebel Trooper has been posted on a Facebook group courtesy of Brian Metz. This figure is part of the next wave (18) of figures at 1 per case, so expect it to be a bit tough to find at retail at first. Your best bet may be to order from one of our sponsors like Entertainment Earth or DorksideToys who will be receiving full cases of this figure. Watch for preorder announcements soon.

Target Exclusive 6″ Gamorrean Guard Release Date Update

New details for the illusive (at least in the US) 6″ Black Series Gamorrean Guard have been light since that original internal date of June 1 came and went. It now appears that mid-July is the new “target” time frame for its release. RC from Phoenix was told that his particular store has this specifically en route for July 14? Your mileage may vary, but we’ll definitely report when the first one turn up on shelf.

Best of the Black Series?

Let’s say that in the future, Hasbro decided to revisit some older, in demand Black Series characters (like they’ve done recently with Darth Revan for example). How do you think they should go about it? Straight reissues or slight tweaks to preserve the extrinsic value of the first release(s)? Complete retooling/redecoing to improve upon existing sculpts? And what would you call this special line of Black Series figures –  Black Series Greatest Hits? Black Series Redux? Best of the Black Series?  Feel free to comment on the characters you’d like see again (or maybe for the first time) at retail.