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Custom 6″ Yak Face from Star Wars: A Custom 1:12 Galaxy

A new customizing community has launched via a private Facebook group. Star Wars: A Custom 1:12 Galaxy is a community of like-minded customizers as well as an educational resource for 1:12 Star Wars custom figures and dioramas. Their customizer’s archive is a variable “cookbook” chock-full of figure recipes, diorama blueprints, tutorial guides and a databank of materials that will allow you to search out and find the unique custom cast parts you need to complete any project. 

To help promote this endeavor, we are proud to debut their recipe and tutorial for an amazing 6″ Yak Face/Saelt Marae figure. Click on through for the detailed images and info.

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Update: 6″ Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead) Revealed?

Pilot Studio has posted an Instagram video showcasing Gregory Titus’ illustration process for producing the artwork for the Black Series packaging. In the quick video, you can see what looks to be a 6″ Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead) figure used as reference for the sketch. I guess we’ll find out more in a couple weeks at Toy Fair.

UPDATE: It appears that the figure above being used (as reference for a potential Black Series figure) is a Sideshow 1:6 scale figure. Thanks to Instagram follower @Star_Wars_memes_501 for the update.

UPDATE 2: Pilot Studio posted on our Instagram page the following:

They have also removed the video from their Instagram feed and posted this statement.

New UPCs and Target DPCIs for Black Series Products

Using the power of Brickseek and the assistance of TargetGod, I was able to locate 3 new sets of product UPCs and Target DPCIs for upcoming Black Series products from Hasbro. In the image above, you’ll see listings and pricing for a 6″ medium vehicle (Dewback with Sandtrooper?), possible new Centerpiece figures (Rey and Kylo?), and a new, most impressive helmet (Darth Vader?).