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Episode 414: At Last We Have the Mighty Chewbacca


Sideshow Collectibles has gone deep in Star Wars lore with their premium format figures.  After starting with big characters like Luke, Han, and Vader, they have gone EU with Darth Malgus and Shaak Ti from The Force Unleashed.  They’ve done Clone Wars with Captain Rex.  But they never made a Chewbacca…until now, and Star Wars Action News hosts Marjorie and Arnie have the exclusive version in their podcasting studio.  Is it worth getting?  Listen to the full review in this episode!

Also in this show Marjorie and Arnie review Hasbro’s Star Wars Black Series Wave 3.  With a mix of characters from the original trilogy, the prequels, the Clone Wars cartoon, and the EU, listen to find out which figures stand out–and which won’t stand at all!
With a final look at the 2013 Sithmas Gift Exchange and a sticky, dripping tongue, it’s all in this brand new video podcast of Star Wars Action News!

Black Series On Clearance at Target


Well it looks like Hasbro’s and Target’s decision to carry over the Vintage Collection DPCI over to the 3-3/4″ Black Series finally has some benefit. Reports are coming in that various stores are clearancing out their remaining TVC figures for $4.98-$6.98 and that means new Black Series figures are getting the discount too. Click on through for proof.

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Five Below Continues to Stock Vintage


Last night, I came across another Vintage dump at Five Below of the Darth Malgus wave.  So if you’ve got one of these stores in your area, it may be worth your time to swing by and see if you can pick up any more goodies like the fantastic Imperial Navy Commander figure.

Personal Note:  It’s fun finding great figures for cheap, but this also adds more Phantom Menace carry forwards for Five Below to try and move, and quite honestly, this keeps me from buying Black Series figures at other stores for $10.00 a pop when great figures can be had for this price at discount stores… and I’m sure I’m not alone.  I also can’t help but wonder how the poor 2012 showing for Hasbro continues to impact the current state of the hobby.

Episode 411: Get the 411 On Star Wars Discounts


This episode is the Topps, with a look at the new Star Wars Radio Drama CDs and trading cards and a conversation with Topps and Acme artist Christian Slade! Plus a review of Black Series Wave 2 and a run down on mark downs!

Collecting Hasbro’s Star Wars toys is filled with highs and lows, and this holiday season it seems to be both at once!  While the new 6-inch and 3.75-inch Black Series figures remain elusive, bargains abound on exclusive vehicles and figures.  On this week’s podcast Marjorie and Arnie look at the discounts and tell you how to save the most money on the toys, and also discuss what these markdowns may mean for future exclusives.  All that, plus a detailed review of Hasbro’s Black Series Wave 2, including Mara Jade, Pablo Jill, and more!
Also on this week’s show it’s a special focus on Star Wars trading cards.  Jerry’s Vintage Viewpoint focuses on the rerelease of the Star Wars Radio Drama from Highbridge Audio, and looks at the new Topps trading card set based on the Radio Drama.  Then Marjorie and Arnie talk to Topps sketch card artist Christian Slade about his work on the cards, as well as his new prints coming from Acme Archives on Dec 15th!
With a report from this weekend’s Toy Man Toy Show, a new sixth-scale Tauntaun, Imperial Probe Drones, and more, it’s all on this Star Wars Action News podcast!

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