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Huge Customs Update

When Hasbro starves the market for good 3.75″ figures, what’s a collector to do?  Customize!  

Over the past few months, I’ve completed many more customs than I expected, by digging through my fodder bins and cobbling new figures together (it’s truly amazing how much variety and greatness the 3.75″ line used to offer).

Head on over to the forums to check out full sized pics of 15 new custom figures by yours truly from a galaxy far, far away…

The Unexplained…

Our latest Yakfinities Customizing Challenge has officially started, and we’ve already got some wild entries so far for The Unexplained!

Head on over to the forums to see what various fans have submitted so far, or start rolling up your sleeves so you can submit your own entry!  You have plenty of time – the deadline isn’t unti December 31!

Simple Rebel Tech Customs

You may not have realized it, but the new 3.75″ TBS Rose figure is actually an awesome army builder by just doing some head swaps and slapping on some different accessories.

I’ve seen some people not being a huge fan of this figure, but I love it.  The fact that it’s got such diversity is just a bonus.   So, if you happen to see her pegwarming any, keep in mind she’s got fantastic customizing possibilities so you should pick up an extra just for the fun of it (I’ve already got another one in the works, giving the figure a whole new look).