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Join DASH and Win!


It’s been a while, but I’m Corey and I’m here with a new DASH update! This time it’s short and sweet. We have a new contest that expires tomorrow, and it’s super easy to enter and win. Just register for a free membership on DASH before Saturday and you’ll be randomly entered to win the incredible video game action figure prize pack seen below. The full contest details are in the image below.

CommunityContest14 copy

That’s more than $100 worth of figures, and it takes less than a minute to enter. Just be sure to do it now, because the contest ends soon, and you won’t want to miss your chance!

DASH’s One of a Kind Features


Before I woo you towards a membership, be sure to like DASH on Facebook for your chance to win a Masters of the Universe Classics Ram Man
Corey, your friendly neighborhood DASH guy here! I’ve survived Toy Fair and now that I’ve got a minute to spare, I wanted to swing by and talk about some of DASH’s best features in a little more detail. You probably think you’ve heard it all before, but I want you to hear it straight from my point of view as a collector first and DASH guy second. I still think a DASH Collector’s Club membership might just be the best $25 you can spend on your collection.

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Have a Cool Collection? Prove it With DASH


DASH is giving away $200 of figures, and a chance for the world to see your action figure collection. Check out the details here: Community Contest #10 Announcement

Over on Collector-ActionFigures.com, each and every collector has a collection to call their own. We want you to share your special and unique collection with DASH, and then with the world. That’s why we’ve given you access to your own Collection Showcase, where you can add photos, videos, a story, and more to let the world know who you really are when it comes to action figure collecting. You can check out my showcase for a perfect example of someone who has taken the time to show off a little!

And that’s precisely what we’re asking you to do with Community Contest #10!

Why You Should Join DASH?


Hey again friends, fellow collectors, and the occasional Frankenstein monster. I’m always thinking about ways to convince you Collector-ActionFigures.com is worth the 30 seconds it takes to join. I’ve created contests and other promotions to get your attention in the past, but I really believe that if you’re an action figure collector at heart, you won’t need to be lured into liking DASH. That’s why I put together this video to succinctly and creatively explain why you should join DASH in the first place.

So why join Collector-ActionFigures? Watch and see.

We might not be giving away the latest Transformers figure or a free G.I. Joe toy, but DASH is worth it anyway! There’s simply no better way for collectors like us to keep track of their collection. If nothing else, sign up so I don’t feel like I wasted a week making that video, haha!

I hope to see you around DASH, holding your holy grail and leaving a comment on the blog!

DASH Over to Our New Blog and Share Your Thoughts

Collector-ActionFigures already had the internet’s best action figure values, the world’s biggest action figure catalog, and a great place to buy action figures. And now we’ve added something to bring it all together. We call it DASH Flash, and it’s your brand new platform for action figure reviews, news, previews, articles, features, and a ton of other things.

Visit DASH Flash, and then let us know what you think. Collector-ActionFigures is built for the community, and this is your new blog. We want to see your vision for it, want to hear your ideas, and want to exceed your expectations in every way.

Please take a minute to leave a comment right here with your thoughts or desires, and we’ll be reading. Leave a comment on any of the current DASH Flash articles and we’ll be watching. Even feel free to send me an email at Corey@Collector-ActionFigures.com and I’ll take your suggestions to heart.

This is a great time for Collector-ActionFigures, and we want you to be a big part of it every step of the way.

DASH is Giving Away Amazon Gift Cards

At DASH we have a pretty good idea what collectors like, but we can’t make everyone happy with every single contest. So we’ve decided to take the route of grandmas around the world this holiday season and simply give away gift cards. You might think it lacks creativity, but there’s nothing quite like a shiny new gift card underneath a tree, especially when it gives you the control. Welcome to the DASH Community Contest #7, where 10 lucky winners will win a prize that transforms into the toy of their choosing.

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DASH Has Gifts For You This Holiday Season

Every action figure collector knows what it’s like to wake up on that special day, find that giant box, and open that toy you’ve been dreaming about all year. DASH also knows how wonderful that feeling is, and that’s why we’re trying to give five lucky collectors the Christmas of their dreams and their childhood. Check out the details for our Christmas Club Contest and register on Collector-ActionFigures.com to make sure you’re entered to win one of our special Christmas gifts which will arrive wrapped and all.

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DASH Your Collection and Win a Hot Toys Luke Skywalker

We think Collector-ActionFigures.com is the absolute best way to manage your action figure collection, and that’s why we’re willing to give away an unbelievable figure like the Hot Toys Luke Skywalker to make sure you notice. Just complete a free membership registration with Collector-ActionFigures and you could be the lucky winner of this $300 prize.

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Sponsor News: Hot Toys Bespin Luke Giveaway

Welcome to the DASH Hot Toys Luke Skywalker Giveaway (it’s not a trap)

It’s time for the latest contest from Collector-ActionFigures.com, and we couldn’t be more excited about this one. When it comes to action figures, Hot Toys makes the best in the world, and they’ve finally started on Star Wars with the Luke Skywalker (Bespin Outfit) figure. And we’re giving it away. You could win this $300 prize, which includes two complete figures, a load of accessories, and the high quality sculpting, paint, and design that only Hot Toys offers.

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Sponsor News: Take a Shot with DASH and Win a Halo 4 Prize Pack

 The world of action figures keeps getting closer and closer to the world of video games, and we here at Collector-ActionFigures.com are well aware of that fact. So to honor this week’s Halo 4 release, we’ve decided to partner up with McFarlane Toys to give away a great Halo 4 action figures prize pack. In fact, we’re giving away a prize pack including four different figures including Master Chief, Elite Zealot, Storm Grunt, and Spartan Warrior.

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