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Clearance of Destiny

In what should not be a surprise to many, Walmart stores are starting to clearance the Forces of Destiny line as part of their “post-Christmas” clearance binge.  Check your local store if you were looking to acquire these.

Personal Note:  I thought this line was doomed as soon as it was announced.  And I rarely see anyone pay attention to them in the stores (I do casually observe other customers).  This felt like a “forced niche” item that Disney pushed, and I would feel this line has fallen short of retailer expectations to this point.   For those that do like it, or have children that enjoy these, I hope the line continues for years to come.  But I personally can’t see it having legs for an extended time; unless it’s marketed better and perhaps the product moved to the store section the audience these are targeted at frequent most.

Star Tours To Split Prequel and Original Trilogy from Sequel Trilogy

WDW News Today is reporting that Star Tours attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Park is planning on updating the ride experience giving riders the option of experiences elements of Episode 1-6 or 7-8 and beyond – essentially splitting the characters and locations from the Prequel and Original Trilogies from current Sequel Trilogy (pre- and post-Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm if you will). Head on over to WDWNT for the details.