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New R2-MK Build-A-Droid Coming?


Our eagle-eyed, astromech aficionado friends at The Astromech Collection have noticed that in the recent press imagery for the new Star Wars Weekends Jedi Mickey Starfighter a new R2-MK can be seen that uses the Droid Factory/Build-A-Droid sculpt. No word if this is included with the starfighter or if it is part of a new assortment of B.A.D. parts that will be available at the park.

New Star Tours Packs


INTRODUCING THE NEW 2013 STAR WARS® Star Tours™ Action Figure Packs from Hasbro

The celebration of the amazing new Star Tours Disney theme park ride continues in 2013 with new STAR WARS Star Tours Action Figure Packs from Hasbro.  Building off of the packs released in 2011, these two sets of figures introduce new Droids from the ride experience as well as a few reprised fan favorites.  New figures include a blue Signal Droid, red RX Droid, a G2 Droid rebuilt from scratch for more accurate detail, and the very first appearance of a new Seeker Droid!

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Update: No More 3D Prequel Releases


Deadline.com has posted an exclusive rumor/report stating that due to the lackluster reception of Episode I in 3D there will no further prequel 3D releases and instead focus their resources on production of the sequel trilogy. Again, this is an unconfirmed rumor at this point so stay tuned for further developments…

Update: StarWars.com confirms that further 3D releases are postponed.

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The Clone Wars: 100th Episode

This Saturday, January 5th, The Clone Wars reaches its milestone of 100 episodes. While not all episodes have hit the mark (honestly, what TV show has?) the show overall has accomplished an amazing feat in both production quality and by doing its job in invoking that feeling from a galaxy far, far away. EW.com has posted an awesome montage of some of the highlights of the entire series that every Star Wars fan, casual or otherwise, should watch.