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Disney Build-A-Droid Parts Update

One of our followers on twitter has alerted us to some Build-A-Droid news out of the Big Mouse. He is on site and is reporting that Tatooine Traders is out of all Mickey hats and only have middle legs in green available. They are also out of both styles of R3 heads, silver blue R2 and purple or blue R4 head.

Word is that they are NOT expecting another shipment of parts before the final Star Wars Weekends.

Lastly, due to the B.A.D. part shortage, they are NO LONGER selling the $18.95 two-packs. Only the single for $11.95

Thanks to DarthChuckMc for the info

Disney Droid Factory Part Update

Thanks to an article post from Yakface reader DarthChuckMc, it appears that almost all (except 2) parts for the Disney Droid Factory Astromechs are now available at Star Wars Weekends. Here is what he had to say:

Today they had 56 of the 58 parts available. No silver with blue R2 heads or black R2 bodies. All other pieces currently out were accounted for as of 6pm.

Thanks for the info! Be sure to check out our special report with Dan Curto detailing these highly desirable figures as well.

Starspeeder 1000 Preview

Orlando Attractions Magazine has posted a great new video showing the upcoming The Muppets / Star Wars crossover sets as well as an in-hand presentation of the all-new Star Tours Starspeeder 1000 Vehicle Playset! The Muppets figure presentation is about 14 min into the video, followed by the Starspeeder at a about the 16 min mark.

The Starspeeder retails for $54.95 and will be available at the end of December.