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3 Forces of Destiny Products Cancelled at Entertainment Earth

Uh-oh. Entertainment Earth has updated the links for the basic Princess Leia and Rey adventure dolls as well as a Padmé Naboo Mission Set to “Cancelled” status. We’re not sure what this means for the continuation of the line, considering the deep, deep clearances at retail. Toy Fair should reveal more regarding the line’s destiny for collectors.

Entertainment Earth The Last Jedi Exclusive Figures

Entertainment Earth has just announced that they will be offering, exclusively, the 3.75″ Force Link Flame Trooper, C’ai Threnalli and the Finn (First Order Disguise) and Captain Phasma 2 pack. Click on through for the details.

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Sponsor News: Entertainment Earth – Cyber Monday Sale

Entertainment Earth has launched their Cyber Monday online deals! Be sure to take advantage of the savings including their Black Series Astromech Droid Set*, a set of Rogue One wave 3 figures that includes Grand Admiral Thrawn and Bodhi and much more!!!

*You can see our full toyguide entry for this set here.