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Mandalorian Gunship Revealed

Yakface sponsor Entertainment Earth has listed a soon-to-be-officially announced Clone Wars Mandalorian Gunship in the mid-size vehicle assortment. Not a whole lot is known about this particular ship other than pricepoint, but speculation seems to be of a consensus that it is the Mandalorian Fighter seen in the Season Two arc involving the Death Watch faction on Mandalore.

TVC Wave 7 Shipping and “Revenge” Wave Delayed ’til Oct

Our pal Adam Pawlus over at Galactic Hunter and Entertainment Earth has posted updated shipping info regarding The Vintage Collection’s Wave 7 and the now delayed wave 8. TVC Wave 7 (the RFT, Logray, Fordo etc. wave) is now shipping from most online retailers, but it looks as if wave 8 and its revision case, which both include the Revenge of the Jedi recard figures, has been pushed back until October. Question is, what does that mean for the SDCC exclusive Revenge of the Jedi Mega Set?

Episode 295: Excited to Feel Blu

Starwars.com promised on May 4th all will be revealed. Star Wars fans refreshed with baited breath, crashing the servers with the demand for the information – the details of the first high definition home video release of the Star Wars saga! With a 9 disc set, including over 30 hours of additional materials if you buy the 6-film set, it’s an exciting time to be a videophile Star Wars fan! Listen to this week’s Star Wars Action News as Marjorie and Arnie run down what was revealed, and play some listener voicemails as well as Nathan and Brock giving their thoughts on the Blu Ray release details!

Also on this week’s podcast, Star Wars playing cards, Target exclusive 3-packs, Sideshow Cantina Band releases, and more! So listen now to Star Wars Action News!

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Episode 294: Bounty & the RockStar 2: Clone Toy Boogaloo

This week Dan & Jerry return to take the reins of Star Wars Action News as Arnie and Marjorie prepare to stand in line for Thor! (Ok, not really). Listen as they talk about the latest news this week including the upcoming Blu-Ray announcement, Savage Oppress’ action figure debut, as well as what they are finding in stores. Then Justin is back with what’s he’s finding in stores and on-line including the Episode III Obi-Wan Kenobi mini-bust that went up for pre-order this week. Then we wrap up with a step-back in time as Dan & Jerry discuss the action figures and vehicles made for the Tartakovsky Clone Wars micro-series as they prepare for Republic Forces Radio Network’s special summer programming.

All this and more on Star Wars Action News!

You can download this week’s show from swactionnews.com or use the direct links:

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