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Walmart Exclusive Jabba’s Palace Adventure Set

Hasbro’s making playsets great again with the Jabba’s Palace Adventure Set coming exclusively to Walmart. The playset also includes carded versions of that jerk Ree-Yees and the Han Solo with Carbonite Block.

Thanks to the social media accounts for Justin LaSalata, Galactic Hunter/Adam Pawlus, Star Wars Action News, JediNews, YodasNews, Victoria’s Cantina and Matt Guzy for their on-site coverage of the Hasbro panel and presentation at Toy Fair 2019.

6″ Mimban Stormtroopers Still Arriving

There have been reports of Walmart stores receiving more shipments of the 6″ Mimban Stormtrooper recently, and this morning I saw the same thing.

If you’re looking to add to your ranks, it might worth your time to stop by your local Walmart to see if they have received new shipments (or are receiving for the first time).  Happy hunting!

Rumor Report: 6″ Black Series Commander Gree Available Again Soon

For those that missed out on the first release of the Toys”R”Us Exclusive 6″ Black Series Commander Gree from 2017, word is (via the 6″ Black Series Collectors group on Facebook) that he may be available sometime again in the near future as distributors have started receiving solicitations and opening preorders again.