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Got Ross?

Hasbro’s “Wal-Mart Exclusive” Black Series AT-ST is showing up at some Ross stores for a mere $21.99 – one heck of a price for this spectacular vehicle and driver figure.

Personal Note:  Chalk this up to another miscalculation by Hasbro… while they made the legs more sturdy, and this is a fantastic toy, the standard MSRP of $59.99 is just too much for a vehicle that has seen multiple releases over the past decade; especially when the target audience is people who probably have already bought multiples of it.

However, if it came with a Jedha rebel, and perhaps a small Jedha building wall section, this would have been a smash hit – but that kind of thinking probably doesn’t even cross Hasbro’s mind.

It’s All In The Last Jed-Eyes

The Target Exclusive 6″ Luke Skywalker Ahco-To Island is hitting stores pretty heavily now so you may want to wait, if you have been, instead of ordering online. The reason is that there seems to been a varying degree of “eye deco” applied to the reclusive Jedi Master. This morning, my store put out 4 for the sets (shown above) and some have darkened skin paint apps while others, a much lighter treatment or none at all. You may wish to see a few of these in person before ordering blindly. Click the image avoid for a closer look.