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HasbroToyShop Has Its Revenge on Collectors

As you are probably painfully aware by now, HasbroToyShop this morning placed the SDCC exclusives up for sale on their site, including the Revenge of the Jedi Death Star Figure Pack. Needless to say, the site couldn’t handle the rush of traffic to order this and the other exclusives, forcing many to miss out on this highly sought after piece. Couple this latest snafu with the frustration collectors are having finding new product in general and you have the perfect storm for breaking the Tauntaun’s back. Collectors in forums and Facebook and Twitter are voicing their disgust. Let’s hope that Hasbro and HasbroToyShop gets the message (1-800-224-4438).

TRU Exclusive Stealth Ops Clone Trooper Available for Pre-Order

Toys”R”Us has updated their site recently placing their new exclusive Clone Wars Stealth Operations Clone Trooper (aka Commander Blackout*) up for pre-order. You can get yours (limit 2) at the link or wait until it hits retail as he’ll surely be “FREE” with a qualifying purchase like their previous exclusives.

Thanks to Dan from swCollector for the tip!

*Note: this figure isn’t called out specifically as “Commander Blackout” anywhere on the packaging front or back.

Episode 298: Packing Celebration

Star Wars Celebrations – never will you find a more passionate group of Star Wars fans in one place! Every single Star Wars Celebration has been a great time for the fans in attendance, with exclusive collectibles, celebrity panels, great events, and so much more friendships are made as are memories! So there can be no bigger Star Wars news this past week than the official announcement of Star Wars Celebration VI, in Orlando, August 23-26, 2012. On this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast Marjorie and Arnie celebrate this news and look at what it means for Star Wars fans.

Also this week, Marjorie and Arnie continue packing the Sithsonian and Arnie reflects on what impact the move has had on his rules of collecting.

With a discussion of the Wedge vintage figure, Hallmark SDCC exclusives, and more, it’s all on this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast!

You can download this week’s show from swactionnews.com or use the direct links:

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