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One Week Left in the Fans’ Choice Poll!

Star Wars Insider and Hasbro have opened up the official Top 20 poll for the next Star Wars Fans’ Choice figure! We are also happy to announce that Yakface (Saelt Marae) made the final list! Voting is open on the Star Wars Insider website until December 1st and the winning character will be announced at Hasbro’s 2012 Collector-Fan Media Day event at Toy Fair in New York in February 2012.

Unofficial Top 20 at Jedi Defender

JediDefender has jumped on trying to determine what the Top 20 Fans’ Choice figures list might look like by scouring the participating sites and applying Hasbro’s scoring to each figure. This should give collectors a good indication as to what we’ll be voting on next month. It goes without saying (but we will) that we are pleased that Yak Face has indeed made the cut and is currently within the top 10! Head on over to see if your favorites made the Top 20!

Yakface Fans’ Choice Poll Ends This Sunday

Okay you’ve had a few days to ponder your wishlist for Hasbro’s Fans’ Choice Poll right? Well, throw it out the window! In an effort to stick with the theme of the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi in 2013 we are limiting the selection to characters from that film only. That’s right, no EU or Clone Wars, we’re going old school and sending a straight up Original Trilogy/Vintage/ROTJ-themed list. These can be figures that Kenner/Hasbro has already done since 1995 but just need to be brought up to today’s standards of esthetics (ahem, Yak Face) or an all new ROTJ figure that hasn’t been done yet.

The process is easy, simply post your list in our forums. Each forum member may submit five (5) characters for their lists, the top 10 figures from the compiled lists will form our official Yakface.com/Hasbro Fans’ Choice Poll submission. The deadline for list submission will be Sunday, September 25 at 11:59pm PST.

Rules: Forum members need only apply. Only one list per forum member, (IP addresses will be reviewed to weed out ballot stuffers). In the effort of full public disclosure, all list submissions sent in via email, facebook, or other media avenues will not be counted.