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Walmart Announces Force Friday II Events

Walmart.com has announced their participation in the Force Friday II launch with their Be Jedi Ready campaign. Select Walmart Stores will host a Force Friday Weekend Event with Games and Activities including:

  • Lightsaber Battles and New Product Demonstrations
  • Find the Force Augmented Reality Experience
  • FREE give-a-ways including Trading Discs, Posters and Stickers while supplies last

Check out this list* for participating locations and times.

*List is for those hold events during the day, this is not a list of stores opening at midnight or having midnight events.

Rumor Report: Will The Distribution Problems of TFA Repeat on FF2?

We are less than a week away from the official Force Friday launch of products for The Last Jedi, there is worry among collectors that the distribution problems that plagued the launch for The Force Awakens will present themselves once again. With all of the store reports coming in and product flooding eBay, you’d think we were past this point of concern. Don’t be. Click on through for a report that I’ve received from a major retailer.

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Target Ad Leaks Confirming Midnight Opening for Force Friday

The upcoming newpaper insert for Target has made its way online and it confirms rumors and speculation that select stores will be opening at 12:01 am September 1. A list of participating stores will be available soon at www.Target.com/starwars. Also returning for Force Friday are discount coupons, this time instead of an instant discount, they redeemable for gift cards when thresholds of $50 or $100 are met.

UPDATE: Target has updated their site. Click find stores on to see if a store near you is open (12:01-2am) for Force Friday II.