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Toyguide Update: Force Link Return of the Jedi Battle 3pk (Target Exclusive)

The Yakface Toyguide updates resume today with the addition of the Target Exclusive 3.75″ Force Link Return of the Jedi Battle Pack Set.

PROS:  Three all new figures in one 3.75″ battle pack?! Releases like that come too few and far between and this one excels. Both Emperor Palpatine and Luke benefit greatly from having two additional points of articulation (wrists) and the inclusion of the swappable force lightning hands is perfect. The sculpting for The Emperor shines above the other two figures as the texture captured in his robe harkens back to the detail applied to figures from The Phantom Menace. The results yield one of the best 3.75″ Emperor figure ever produced. Luke is not too shabby either as his proportions are nicely captured as well as the classic ROTJ Hamill likeness. Rounding out the set is the Royal Guard, which again is an excellent example of the character and I’d love to get my hands on a few more. Force Link phases are what you’d expect – classic lines from ROTJ and Palpatine also has one from The Phantom Menace. The set is also priced well for an exclusive that includes 3 new figures.

CONS: None to speak of really other than the ERG’s limited Force Link effects and maybe the Luke’s hair color choice.

Head to the toyguide for our detailed image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this figure is worth adding to your collection.

Target Exclusive Force Link Return of the Jedi 3 pk Hitting Stores Too

If you caught my Tweet earlier this morning, you saw that I posted that the Target Exclusive ROTJ 3 packs are in stock in the Seattle area  – then BAM! – my brother-in-law sends photographic proof from a Target in Wilsonville, Oregon. Looks like the Pacific Northwest is your best bet in finding these in store right now.

DPCI: 087-06-8394 for those that use Brickseek

Rumor Report: “Solo” Force Link Set and Flagship Coming In April

Hasbro is committed to the Force Link technology in their 3.75″ action figure line and it looks like that trend will continue with products for Solo: A Star Wars Story. We can expect to get at least one Force Link Starter Set (bracelet with a pack-in figure) and possibly in another “flagship” type release in April 2018. Additional details (UPCs/SKUs etc.) for these and other 2018 products will be posted once we have them.

TRU Exclusives Ad Next Week

Toys”R”Us will be promoting their exclusives starting next Sunday in your local newspapers. The ad shows the 6″ Black Series Rey (Jedi Training on Crait) as well as Poe’s Boosting X-wing, the Force Link Starter 2 pk with exclusive figures, roll play items and more. When shopping, be sure to grab your free poster as well. Click the image above for a closer look at the ad.

New UPC/SKUs For Force Link Figures

While hunting around once again on Brickseek, I was able to find a few new product UPCs and Walmart SKUs for Force Link figures. All of these items have been added to our expansive UPC/DPCI/SKU list.

Force Link Basic Figures
630509615957/56052853  Emperor Palpatine
630509623136/56052854  Tango Red (Flametrooper)
630509623235/56052855  Alpha 2 (C’ai Threnalli)

Force Link Figure 2pk
630509623082/56052852  Finn (FirstOrder Disguise)/Phasma

Next up: Codes for New Black Series figures