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Galactic Merchants Continue to Deliver


Not only is the Galactic Merchants team filling a huge void in collecting by creating great dioramas for collectors, but they’re also remembering the people who pushed to helped promote their efforts by giving a special thanks to us on their new packaging.  It’s things like this that go to show what a great community Star Wars fans are.

For those of you that have received your sets so far, we want to hear about it and see your displays!  Head on over to the forums and share your pics like others are doing.  And if you haven’t received your set just yet, I know they appreciate your patience.   This is a huge undertaking for these guys but they are really working hard to make each and every customer is happy with their order.

Galactic Merchants Diorama Reviews Continue


Last week we gave a very positive review on the Galactic Merchants modular diorama walls, and those who have received their sets thus far all seem to agree – these things are outstanding!

I would have to agree with how Tamer at Imperialshipyards puts it, “These may be best action figure product I’ve bought all year!”

Check out their review at Imperialshipyards.net and a similar conclusion by the folks at Flyguy.net!

Boldly going where no diorama has gone before…

yakwallFor those that supported the indiegogo campaign for Galactic Merchants, it appears your investment is about to pay off as the creators have begun shipping their Space Station walls sets!  Be on the lookout for email  notifications of your order shipping, and until that time, you can check out a full gallery of the sets I received in the mail today.

Personal Note:  Without a doubt, these are the highlight of the year for me in collecting.  In fact, these might be the best thing I’ve been able to acquire in this hobby for the last several years.   With these, we the fans who have supported this hobby for nearly 20 years in the modern era, can finally have adequate displays to show off our figures without having to spend frustrating hours on end making our own sets.  It’s just a shame that the company who makes the figures has ignored such a concept for so long.  The Galactic Merchants team has done the fan community a great service with these sets and they should be applauded for their efforts.

Space Station Diorama Walls: Podcast!


The collecting community is anxious to get their hands on the amazing diorama pieces coming soon from Galactic Merchants!  And to help answer some of the many great questions that collectors have, the crew at Imperialshipyards will be hosting a podcast with the lead designer of these great environment sets this Friday at Friday, September 6th at 7 p.m. Eastern Time.

So head on over to Imperialshipyards at that time and listen in!

Space Station Diorama Walls: Update!


The collecting community has stepped up to the plate with a huge outpouring of support for the team at Galactic Merchants as they aspire to make cool diorama display pieces for the fans.  And now, our pals at Imperialshipyards are going to be hosting a podcast with Galactic Merchants, and they want to know what questions you have about these dioramas!  Head on over to their forums and submit your questions!