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Episode VII Customizing Challenge: UPDATE!


Thanks to our friends at Imperialshipyards, we’ve been able to add another amazing prize to the Episode VII Customizing Challenge – a Sideshow Boba Fett!

This customizing event runs through the end of March, and all you have to do is create a figure of something you think we might see in Star Wars:  Episode VII, and post it in the forums.  Then you are eligible for a prize.  How simple is that?

Head on over to the forums for all the details!

10 New Jumbo Kenner Figures Revealed!


Gentle Giant’s packaging for the Jumbo Gamorrean Guard has revealed a whopping 10 new Jumbo Kenner figures on the horizon.
#25 Zuckuss
#27 4-LOM
#29 Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues)
#32 AT-AT Driver
#33 Dengar
#34 Rebel Trooper (Hoth Battle Gear)
#35 IG-88
#37 Luke Skywalker (Hoth Battle Gear)
#38 Han Solo (Hoth Battle Gear)
#39 Snowtrooper

Thanks to KG’s Vintage Star Wars Corner for the tip!

General Veers Mini Bust Update


The following info has just been made available from Gentle Giant courtesy of their Facebook page regarding production changes to the regular edition General Veers mini bust:

The concept for the regular edition of our General Veers Mini Bust changed in development. Originally, the regular edition bust featured General Veers wearing un-removable AT-AT pilot armor. In revising the bust, we decided to display him in his officer’s uniform instead. We failed to keep you updated about the nature of these changes before this piece was released. This was unintentional, and we sincerely apologize for any disappointment and confusion this error has caused. If you are not satisfied with the final product, please return it and we will be happy to issue a full refund.

So, it appears that only PGM Members will be able to get Veers with the interchangeable AT-AT Commander components.