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New Hot Wheels Original Concept Series Vehicles

New images have surfaced on Walmart.com confirming a few of our Master List entries for a line of Original Concept Series Star Wars vehicles. Series 1 consists of 5 ships including a Landspeeder, Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, TIE Fighter and X-wing Fighter. Click on through for some images and thanks to the Star Wars Hot Wheels Collectors group on Facebook for the alert. Continue reading New Hot Wheels Original Concept Series Vehicles

Star Wars Pre-Show Short Film


Yahoo Movies has posted an interesting article regarding a short 25-minute fantasy epic that was shown for a brief time back in 1980 in some overseas theaters before fans viewed The Empire Strikes Back.   According to the article, George Lucas had instructed 20th Century Fox to create something that would complement the dark nature of this Star Wars film.

This is a pretty fun read, and the short film sounds interesting.   You will even see some trees that look a bit like the ones on Dagobah here – check it all out after the jump!

Note:  It also sounds like there may be a chance that this short film could be included as a bonus feature  on an upcoming re-release of The Empire Strike Back on DVD/Blu-ray.

A Long Time Ago….

]Before Episode IV: A New Hope, before CGI and the “Special Editions” and before the prequels, there was simply Star Wars – a film that shaped a generation and from that point on, movies (and toys) have and would never be the same.

All of us here at Yakface wish a Happy 35th Anniversary to George Lucas, Lucasfilm Ltd. and all that is Star Wars.