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Class II Vehicles on Sale at Target


Target has the Class II Vehicles on sale through May 18 for $14.99 (these are the controversial “mid size” vehicles consisting of the Slave I, Kenobi Starfigher and Republic Tank).  So if you’ve been considering these as a purchase, this is a pretty good price on these… and I for one actually think the tank is kind of cool even at a reduced scale (yes, I know I’m in the minority).

Older TVC Continues to Ship to TRU


Last year’s third wave of TVC is continuing to show up in greater numbers now (about a year late!), which is good in a sense, but also one has to wonder if things would be better if this wave just showed up at discounters instead; considering this wave (like Wave 2) is smothered in seven more TPM carry forwards.

On any note, Toys”R”us seems to be the best place to have a chance at scoring newer figures lately, but reports are also coming in that Wal-Mart and Target are finally receiving more TVC shipments as well.  Good luck, and as always, your experience will vary.

More 2012 Product hitting Discount Stores


The evidence of just how bad 2012 was for Hasbro continues to surface as even more of the weak offerings from Movie Heroes pile up at discount chains like TJ Maxx.  If you passed on most of the vehicle repacks like so many other collectors, they are showing up at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for $16.99 and the battle packs for $11.99.

Facebook reader Adam V. also reports that Dewbacks are appearing at Ross stores for $13.99.