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More Bad News: Price Hikes Hitting Target


We’ve been receiving (and witnessing first hand) reports that Target is instituting a new series of price hikes for the Saga Legends and Black Series 3-3/4″ lines – approaching $8 and $12 respectively (depending on market) to coincide with their new aisle resets. Personally, I think the price hike on the Saga Legends is a much harder pill to swallow than the increase on the TBS figures. Granted, haters of the SL figures weren’t going to be swayed with a price drop on this line either, but it sure hurts the enthusiasm I have had for the line.

What do you think? Discuss the matter in our forums.

Target Stores Receiving Black Series Singles


There have been reports that Target stores are getting in “single figures” from The Black Series for a little while now rather than full cases.  Understandably, some collectors have thought this information was incorrect.  But this is certainly happening, as illustrated by the above evidence provided by Darth Chuck.

I have seen evidence of this on one occasion so far.  Who else is seeing this?  Is this an eye-opener for Hasbro?  Head on over to the forums and let us know what you’re seeing at your local Target and share your thoughts on this interesting development after the jump!

Is Anything Actually Selling at Retail?


Pretty much anywhere you go these days that has put out Hasbro’s latest Star Wars merchandise, you see the same thing.  Pegs of Command Series not selling, Hero Series X-Wings begging to be purchased, etc.  Very little of anything targeted at the kids is actually moving; which most collectors predicted as soon as we saw what Hasbro had planned for this Fall.  The only thing really moving out of the “new” stuff is the 6″ scale Jabba and Biker Scout.

I spoke with a Toys”R”us employee today who echoed the exact same sentiments that we are all saying here – the items Hasbro is making simply are not what the Star Wars market wants to spend money on and he sees it first-hand every day.  The customers are looking, but are walking away empty-handed.  Head on over to the forums to see what he had to say.

Episode 27: HTS Hassles, Helmets and Han!


This week, Flyguy and I discuss the questionable shipping practices of HasbroToyShop.com regarding their exclusive sales from SDCC. We also cover the product and pre-orders hitting in-store and online. Finally, we wrap our heads around the latest spoilerific news regarding Episode VII and Star Wars Rebels. It’s another jam-packed episode of The Realm RecapClick on through to check out the latest episode and feel free to subscribe to our channel and leave suggestions on what you’d like to see covered on the show.

Also, if you prefer an audio-only version, a downloadable MP3 is available as well.

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New Product Hitting, Your Thoughts?


By now most Target and Toys”R”us stores are putting out Hasbro’s latest Star Wars products, but how many of us are excited by what we are seeing?

I contend that what retailers now have in their Hasbro Star Wars sections is about as exciting as staring at a blank wall, but do you feel the same way?  Head on over to the forums for an all-out honest opinion piece on the current situation, and feel free to share your thoughts as well after the jump!