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Sponsor News: DorksideToys

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Toyguide Update: 2014 Star Wars Rebels


With the recent reveal of merchandise from Hasbro, we’ve officially opened the Star Wars Rebels section of the Toyguide. Give it a look for some of the items coming to the Saga Legends, Mission Series and Vehicle assortments starting this fall. Spoiler warnings apply if you are looking to remain in the dark on character names and such.

Customizer Mega Spotlight


If you’re active in the Yakface customizing forums, you have more than likely been keeping up on the great work of our forum members – but if not, this post is for you, because it means you’re missing out on some great eye candy!

So without further delay, customizer darthcrassus has been very active with new  updates lately, including a fantastic take on Jariah Syn, which you can take a closer look at here.

Next, wraith_nineyak continues to expand his Clone Wars line of clone troopers… if you’re a fan of the animated styling, you will certainly want to check out his latest updates!

We are also treated to a great Clone Wars take on Chancellor Palpatine, courtesy of Elias – which is even more impressive considering he is only 10 years old (great sign of things to come for many years!).

Finally, we also show a great take on a non-Star Wars custom… it’s a Lord of the Rings Ringwraith in the 3.75″ scale from Evilivo!

Rebels Customs Event Winding Down


The fan community was recently exposed to Hasbro’s upcoming Rebels line, which has been met with mixed results as so many of us prefer good articulation and more detailed sculpts with the Star Wars lines rather than what Hasbro revealed.

Soon after, we teamed up with Imperialshipyards.net to host a customizing event where fans can make their own Rebels themed customs and have a chance to win some cool prizes.  While the number of entries has been somewhat modest thus far, the quality has been fantastic.

To check out the latest entries,  click here – and remember, entries will be accepted until the end of April.