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It’s All Relative When It Comes to Store Finds


Things aren’t always as dark as they seem when it comes to store reports. It often depends on where you live or how fast your store shifts/turns over merchandise. So, you can have a very disparate experience than other collectors across the nation. Here is one of my Target stores (Plymouth, MN) on any typical day.

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Hasbro Investor Presentation Images


For your review, here are the pertinent Star Wars related slides from Hasbro’s Investor Presentation given this morning at Toy Fair 2015.

Images include the first look at several Hero Mashers figures (Vader, Yoda and Stormtrooper) and the logo treatment for the BladeBuilders line of lightsabers.

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Hasbro Reveals Star Wars Hero Mashers


Forbes has posted an exclusive story revealing the Star Wars Hero Mashers line (along with several other properties).

Hasbro saw enough success with their IP-connected Hero Masher lines that they’ll be introducing toys from this year’s hottest films and franchises, adding Jurassic World and Star Wars: Rebels to the Hero Mashers universe as well as expanding the Marvel Heroes with Mashers from Disney’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.