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Upcoming Force Link 2 and Hero Series Figures for Solo

We’ve managed to find a few new coded names for the upcoming (Star Wars Universe) 3.75″ Force Link 2 (which visually confirms our Force Link 2 report from November) figures for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

3.75″ Force Link 2 Figures
Hades Joker
Artemis Trooper 2

12″ Hero Series
Artemis Trooper
Vesta Trooper Brown
Hercules (Chewbacca)
Hermes (Lando)
Athena (Qi’Ra)

First Solo: A Star Wars Story Products Revealed

Images of new Hasbro product from Solo: A Star Wars Story have made their way online from Nuremberg Toy Fair. We get our first look at Han Solo, Qi’Ra, Range Trooper, Lando Calrissian, Kessel Guard, TIE Fighter, ¬†and more.

Stay tuned later today for some new Hasbro product release details we’ve found.

New: “Solo” Class A Vehicles and Deluxe Hero Series UPCs/DPCIs

We have a handful of new UPCs and Target DPCIs to share today (via Brickseek) for product slated to arrive with the launch of Solo: A Star Wars Story products in April. The codes relate to Hasbro’s Class A assortment of Force Link vehicles/creatures and their line of Deluxe Hero Series figures. Click on through of the list.

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Update: “Mythological” Codes Reveal Possible Han Solo Products?

Based on the our report from yesterday regarding the new Hero Series product names (Zeus and Vesta) found online, there is speculation/coincidence that these may be the first indicators that products for the untitled Han Solo movie could rely on Greek/Roman mythology to mask the character names from the film. Thoughts?

UPDATE 01/5/18: Names found so far: Zeus (Han), Athena (Qi’Ra), Vesta, Hercules (Chewbacca), Hermes (Lando), Artemis, Minotaur (Mimban), Gorgon, Cyclops, Perseus, Pegasus (Millennium Falcon), and Cronus (Moloch)