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Custom Hero Series X-wing Fighter


While many have been quick to dismiss Hasbro’s Hero Series X-wing Fighter as a waste of retail space and tooling dollars, customizers have been transforming it into a display worthy piece that is far closer to 3-3/4″ scale than any prior X-wing release. Check out Facebook images for the amazing custom paint job by Saravana Kumar that really brings out the existing details and sculpting. 

Thanks to Sith_Fire30 for the heads-up.

Giant “Hero Series” Millennium Falcon Revealed


YodasNews today has posted the reveal of a large “Hero Series” Millennium Falcon due out later this year. Like the previously announced X-wing Fighter, this vehicle is largely action-featureless save for movable cannons and radar dish (it does not hold action figures of any scale). And despite it looking to have a lot of detail in its sculpt, expect a lower price point due to the simple (hollow) construction and lack of parts. Head on over for additional imagery.