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Hot Toys Reveals Details for Royal Guard Sixth Scale Figure

Hot Toys also reveals the details for their Royal Guard Sixth Scale Figure. It features a finely sculpted Royal Guard helmet, expertly tailored robe and outfit*, a Force pike, and figure stand.

You’re going to want two to accompany that Emperor with Throne your going to get. 😉

Update: Preorders are now live at SideshowToy.com

Hot Toys Reveals Details for Emperor Palpatine Sixth Scale Figure (Standard and Deluxe)

Hot Toys has revealed the full details for their Emperor Palpatine Sixth Scale figure. It is available in a Standard Version, plus an Deluxe Version that includes his throne (with LED function) and Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber hilt. Both versions include an assortment of creepy hands, his signature cane and Sith lightning.

Update: Preorders are now live (at the above affiliate links) at SideshowToy.com

Hot Toys Boba Fett Sixth Scale Preorders

Sideshow has opened preorders for two Boba Fett Sixth Scale figures from Hot Toys. The first is the standard Boba Fett as seen in The Empire Strikes Back, the second is a preproduction deluxe version that includes* new helmet with jaig eyes, unique gloves hands, green cape, red and yellow gauntlets, special blasters and more.

*Deluxe version includes all of the accessories as the standard release.

Hot Toys Reveals 1:6 Luke Skywalker (The Last Jedi) Figures

Hot Toys has revealed the full details for the sixth scale Luke Skywalker (The Last Jedi) figures. Available in standard and deluxe versions, this figure looks to be the ultimate representation of the exiled Jedi Master from Episode VIII. The deluxe version includes all of the standard version accessories plus a backpack, a lightning rod, and a Porg! You can check out their full details on the Hot Toys Facebook page.

Episode #115: Ahch-To Baby

The Realm Recap is back! It’s been many moons since our last show but as we approach the release of The Last Jedi, what better time to review the latest in collecting news. Hangout with Flyguy and me as we discuss Hasbro, Hot Toys, Funko, Hot Wheels and more. It’s good to be back.

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