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Vintage Collection Status Report


The crew at Imperial Shipyards has posted their QnA with Hasbro and a very direct question has answer was exchanged regarding the return of the Vintage Collection (TVC). Head over to ISY’s forum to get Hasbro’s answer.

For additional QnAs, check out Jedi Temple Archives and Sir Steve’s Guide who has a nice look at the prototype Seventh Sister Inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels.

Shocking! Another Unannounced Exclusive Revealed


Jedi Temple Archives directs our attention to a new image from StarWars-Figuren that reveals an exclusive Star Wars Battlefront Shocktrooper for the 6″ Black Series line. No official details are available at this time regarding US distribution, but look for an update as more info is gathered.


Update: Order Sixty Six Toys in the UK currently has this for preorder and they give a look at the packaging as well.

2015 The Force Awakens Droid Factory Set


Jedi Temple Archives tips us off to a new Disney Park Droid Factory Set has shown up on ebay. This set includes 4 build-a-droid astromechs: R0-4LO, R2-Q2,  R4-M9 and R5-X3 all of which are said to be from The Force Awakens. We’ll have to see about that, but in the mean time, keep and eye out for these to start popping up online.

Fall 2015 Black Series Line Look Revealed


Our friends at Jedi Temple Archives and Jedi News are on the show floor for Celebration Anaheim’s Preview Night and the have provided a great detailed look at new revamped packaging for the 6″ Black Series. It is 1000X better than the orange and blue versions to be sure. Head on over to their respective sites to check these out as well as carded images of The Black Series.

JTA Celebration Exclusive Poster


Jedi Temple Archives has revealed their first Celebration Anaheim exclusive:

Jedi Temple Archives is proud to announce our exclusive for Celebration VII: Anaheim. We have put together a beautiful poster as our tribute to the Vintage Kenner collection of released carded figures! This beautiful full-color 18″x24″ poster features a total of 197 Vintage card backs. This includes the full run of 196 card backs (plus one of the most famous figure variations) all framed together in amazing detail together like never before seen! There are multiple ways you can secure this exclusive poster and full details can be found here:

So Long, Princess


Looks like Chewbacca is getting the shaft on receiving a medal again as Jedi Temple Archives has posted a new update regarding the status of the Princess Leia (Ceremonial) figure from Wave 7 and 8 of the Black Series. She has been removed from both assortments and has been replaced by an extra stormtrooper (wave 7) and an extra clone (wave 8).

No word as to why or future availability.

#whereisleia #wewantleia

What to Expect with The Black Series?


Our good friends at Jedi Temple Archives have posted some details regarding what we may expect to see in terms of which 3.75″ figures will be seeing higher production runs than others (i.e., which individual figures will be offered as full case assortments to online stores, etc.).

Some of this sounds like good news to fill demand on certain figures, while there’s also a couple of figures that just don’t make sense to see high production runs (such as Dutch Vander).

Personal Note:  That last assortment case that’s full of new figures, such as Carbonite Han, Boushh Leia, new Jawas, and of course Mosep has me concerned.  Will this assortment even hit retail?  Will it be in very short supply?  Check out JTA’s report and be sure to share your thoughts there or in our forums.

Update: New 2015 Black Series Wave Info


Jedi Temple Archives has posted new info for the next few waves of The Black Series 3-3/4″ & 6″ assortments. Some questions are still up in the air but it looks like things are looking clearer as to what to expect in stores and online for 2015. Click on through for the breakdown…

UPDATE: JTA has updated the article to include a more accurate breakout of the 6″ assortment.

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