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Star Wars Collectors Cast: Disney Store VIP Event


It’s time for a Star Wars Collectors Cast Special Report featuring all the news and reveals from the Disney Store event held last week in Los Angeles. With Dan Curto and Steve Sansweet both attending the event we get their perspectives, as well as a roundup of all the latest goings on at Rancho Obi-Wan and lots more too.

Episode 12: I’m Going to Disneyland


Another week has passed and it’s time for our look back at the latest news in Star Wars collecting. On this special episode of The Realm Recap, we “recap” our trip to the Disney Star Wars Event held at Disney Studios & Disney Store Headquarters, the newest collectible news and the impact of the reclassification of POST-ROTJ EU material. Click on through to check out the latest episode and feel free to subscribe to our channel and leave suggestions on what you’d like to see covered on the show.

Also, if you prefer not to look at our ugly mugs, a downloadable MP3 is available as well.

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DPW and Random House Announce Relaunch of Adult Fiction Line


Disney Publishing Worldwide is proud to announce their first step into that larger world, beginning with Del Rey Books. The publishing program will feature new adult fiction novels set in the beloved galaxy far, far away, and will be closely connected to the cinematic entertainment currently in development at Lucasfilm.

Following the release of Star Wars: A New Dawn, look for these titles to be released in 2014/2015

James Luceno
November 2014 

Kevin Hearne
January 2015 

Paul Kemp
March 2015

Star Wars: A New Dawn Announced

NewDawn cover

John Jackson Miller has shared official details for his upcoming Star Wars Rebels adult tie-in novel that takes place prior to the events of the series. Star Wars: A New Dawn features main characters Kanan and Hera and will be available in September.

PS. I guess you can cross “A New Dawn” off the list for potential Episode VII titles.

The Force is Strong with the Disney Store Star Wars Event


On April 21 and 22, Disney is holding a special VIP event to showcase new product coming to their Disney Stores as well as a tour of their merchandising headquarters. Everything is hush-hush for now in terms of what will be shown but thankfully we will be onsite to report the reveals and announcements firsthand! Check back with us over the next couple of days as we breakdown and share with you the latest from “The House of the Mouse”!

Disney Publishing Announces 4 New Star Wars Books


Disney Publishing Worldwide & Lucasfilm announced today four new books to introduce readers to the classic Star Wars saga.

“Lucasfilm announced today, via Publishers Weekly, four brand new books aimed at introducing new readers to the classic Star Wars saga by bridging the ‘multi-arc storyline in anticipation of the release of Star Wars Episode VII in December 2015.'”

Click the image above for the article or the YouTube video below.