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Elite Stormtroopers Are Coming To Marvel’s Star Wars Series


A new arc is coming. Marvel’s Star Wars #20 will wrap up the current story, and issue #21 will launch a fresh adventure for our heroes and their foes. “The Last Flight of Harbinger” is set to introduce an elite group of Imperial stormtroopers who will prove to be quite the foil to the Rebels.

For the full details, head to StarWars.com for the exclusive announcement.

Custom Star Wars Rebels Puffer Pig Crate


I may be using the word “custom” a little fast and loose here but since StarWars.com released the concept art from “Idiot’s Array”, I felt the need to use the assets to slap together a printable version of the crate used to transport Lando’s puffer pig. Can you tell things are slow right now??? Click the image above to print your own to display with your Star Wars Rebels figures. They are toys after all, right? Hasbro, if you make a Rebels Lando figure, can you include a puffer pig, too?