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DIY LED Frame Project for The Force Awakens‬ Poster


Since acquiring the teaser poster for The Force Awakens via Disney Movie Rewards, I knew I’d want a special way to display it without spending a fortune on a dedicated backlit display case. Click on through to find out how you can build one yourself with the simplest of tools and the least amount of money. We’re all saving up for Force Friday, right?

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The Force Awakens One-Sheet Poster Offer


Many collectors out there (including myself) have been looking for an economical way to acquire the one-sheet poster for Star Wars The Force Awakens. Finally, a solution has presented itself via  an email Disney Movies Anywhere. If you are a member, and have at least 500 points, you can redeem them for the official two-sided teaser poster. Points can be acquired through the purchase of Disney movies (physical or digital).

JTA Celebration Exclusive Poster


Jedi Temple Archives has revealed their first Celebration Anaheim exclusive:

Jedi Temple Archives is proud to announce our exclusive for Celebration VII: Anaheim. We have put together a beautiful poster as our tribute to the Vintage Kenner collection of released carded figures! This beautiful full-color 18″x24″ poster features a total of 197 Vintage card backs. This includes the full run of 196 card backs (plus one of the most famous figure variations) all framed together in amazing detail together like never before seen! There are multiple ways you can secure this exclusive poster and full details can be found here:

Sponsor News: Kult Studio


Kult Studio has assembled one of the most impressive collections of Star Wars art on the web. View collectible fine art from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith and more. Here you’ll find original works as well as some rare limited edition giclées (museum quality prints) and animation art cels. All Star Wars and Lucasfilm artwork is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Free shipping to the US and they offer 10% back on every purchase in the form of store credit.

Star Wars Action Figure Compendium Poster Update


Christopher Lee, the artist for the glorious illustrated action figure compendium poster we reported a few day ago, has provided us a link that you can bookmark for tomorrow’s May the 4th sale. Be sure to get those orders in and support this one-of-a-kind piece.

Also, he’s provided us a link to a desktop wallpaper (of various sizes) featuring this poster with some great toys added to the composition. You can download it here.

Awesome Illustrated Vintage Card Back Poster


Vintage fans take note. On May the 4th this fantastic vintage card back poster will be available for purchase from talented illustrator, Christopher Lee via dribbble. Here are some details on the piece:

My newest (and probably last) compendium poster pays tribute Star Wars and the iconic Kenner card back from the 80’s. This one in particular is the 92 card back which covered the entire basic figure assortment.

All of the characters were designed with the toys as reference. I took a few liberties, but the details are limited to what was provided by the figures alone.

The print will be in my shop by May the 4th (appropriately) 🙂

I’ll post a store link when I have it up.

Various time-lapse process videos can be found here:


Be sure to bookmark the page or watch for an announcement here on Yakface.com when the print becomes available.