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6″ C-3PO Resistance Base Variant


It was something we mentioned in our initial review of this figure and now it looks like Hasbro has addressed the oversight as they have issued a variant to the 6″ Black Series C-3PO (Resistance Base) figure. Instead of the cheap looking plain red arm, they have now given it a proper, screen accurate deco. I’ll definitely be picking this version up.

Thanks to Rebelscum for their report.

TIE Striker: A Closer Look


Rebelscum forum member Nighthawk has posted some photos that reveal more of what we can expect with Hasbro’s new TIE Striker.

It appears the NERF features are removable, which should bring a collective sigh of relief to many buyers.  And it looks like the wings may be comprised of a sturdier plastic than we saw with the TFA TIE Fighters.

5POA aside, maybe things are looking better for the actual quality of toys coming this Fall?  Check out more pics as he continues to update with more details by clicking here.

New U-wing and TIE Striker Images Clarify NERF Features


Rebelscum forum member “Nighthawk” has posted new images from the packaging for Hasbro’s Rogue One U-Wing and TIE Striker vehicles that shed light on the NERF launching features of both fighters. It appears that the launcher for the U-wing is retractable (not removable) and the TIE’s is a fixed position cannon. These were found at retail in Canada ($59.99-$69.99).

Also, try to pick which eye to look at when staring at the Cassian Andor figure. :/

Toyguide Update: Disney Infinity Darth Vader


It looks like we’re not the only ones who are fans of these figures as Rebelscum has started their own series of Photo Archive updates the week for the Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars line.

We launch our own run of updates, working backward, starting with the recent “Rise of the Empire” release figure: Darth Vader. Look for additional characters to be added to our toyguide all weekend long.

Head to the toyguide for the full image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this figure is worth adding to your collection.

6″ Hero Series for The Force Awakens Confirmed


Back in February, we speculated that Hasbro may start up another 6″ scale of limited articulation figures similar to the 12″ Hero Series. It looks like that has indeed come to pass as a new image out of Hong Kong shows a new Finn figure. Hasbro has done this with their Marvel line as well with the figures sold through dollar stores and the like. No word yet as to US availability.

TRU Exclusive “Desert Damage” Special Forces TIE Fighter with Elite Pilot


Rebelscum has posted confirmation of the rumored Desert Damage First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter with First Order Special Forces Elite TIE Fighter Pilot (let’s throw a few more designations in there, shall we?). This exclusive 3.75″ scale vehicle and pilot feature unique deco and packaging. Look for it only at Toys”R”Us and ToysRUs.com

TRU/SDCC Exclusive Black Series “Rancor Pit” Update


Rebelscum forum member Holographic_Elvis has posted a new image of the upcoming “Jabba’s Rancor Pit” set in their forums.  Check out the full size image in all its glory here.

He notes that the retail price will be $130, and that it’s marked as a Comic Con product, but we should expect to see them in stores soon.  Is the price just too much for this?  Or are collectors willing to shell out that kind of money for a set of repacks, but with a new Jabba?  Head to our forums to share your thoughts!

Thanks to darthmac for the heads up!

Celebration Exclusive: Jumbo Kenner Droids C-3PO


Rebelscum has revealed Gentle Giant’s Exclusive for Celebration Anaheim: The Jumbo Kenner DROIDS C-3PO. This figure comes complete with vintage style card back, protective clamshell and a reproduction of the original collector coin. PGM members can look access to the pre-order page on Gentle Giant’s site to be live soon (as it is currently yielding a 404 error).