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Sponsor News: Entertainment Earth – Cyber Monday Sale

Entertainment Earth has launched their Cyber Monday online deals! Be sure to take advantage of the savings including their Black Series Astromech Droid Set*, a set of Rogue One wave 3 figures that includes Grand Admiral Thrawn and Bodhi and much more!!!

*You can see our full toyguide entry for this set here.

Update: Two New Force Link Deluxe Packs for Wave 2


After some additional UPC searching on Brickseek, here are the details for the two upcoming deluxe packs in wave 2 of the Force Link line that were leaked last week via ToysRUs.ca

“E8 Fxtrt 2 Blk Delta 1 Victor Delta 1”
Includes Rose in First Order Disguise, BB-8 and BB-9E
UPC: 630509596690
Walmart SKU: 954528985

“R1 Seal Seer and Seal Weaponizer”
Includes Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus
UPC: 630509596683
Walmart SKU: 244975093

Both packs retail for about $14.99

UPDATE: Images for Rose and Droids added.