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Rumor Report: Even More Mighty Muggs On The Way

Hasbro is really banking on the success of the Mighty Muggs line. As we reported last month with the rumor of 8 more on the way, you can now double that as I have found listings for 8 more. Click on through for the list that includes characters from Rogue One, Solo, A New Hope, Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace.

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Rumor Report: “Solo” Vehicle Class B Assortment

As we continue to assemble our upcoming checklist for the product launch on April 13  for Solo: A Star Wars Story, we’ve heard of two more vehicles coming as part of the Class B assortment. One is a repack from The Last Jedi – the A-Wing Fighter with Tallie, the other is rumored to be Han’s Landspeeder (with Han) as seen in the leaked production photos as well as the LEGO set (75209). Considering the number of repacks and non-Solo film related figures/vehicles coming out that day, the merchandising tie-ins seem to be quite low – maybe lower than Rogue One.

Rumor Report: Force Link Snoke To Be Individually Released?

For those that didn’t shell out the cash for the BB-8 Mega Playset, (or by one loose off of eBay) your 3.75″ Force Link figure collection has a glaring hole. Even though there is an all-new super articulated Supreme Leader Snoke coming in the first wave of the Vintage Collection in April, rumor is he will also be available as an individually carded figure in the Force Link/Star Wars Universe line. Look for him to possibly ship along side the Princess Leia Hoth and Maz Kanata (with jetpack) carded figures in the spring.

Rumor Report: What We Know For Solo

With The Last Jedi in the rear view mirror for many, we can continue our focus to products for Solo: A Star Wars. As a refresher, we revealed through several articles (below in reverse chronological order going back to October) new products from Hasbro and Mattel.

Stay tuned for a more accurate breakdown of the first wave (wave 16?) of 6″ Black Series figures that will include characters from Solo: A Star Wars Story very soon.

Also, a friendly tip: 99% of the products with UPCs that we have shared over the months, can be found directly on Amazon.com and Walmart.com with a little app-fu and the barcode scanner built into their respective apps. You’re welcome :).

Rumor Report Update: New Forces of Destiny Product Coming Soon

We’ve received some inside info that Hasbro has some new merchandising coming soon for the Forces of Destiny Adventure Figure line. Word is that there are Creatures and Droids assortments coming for around $10 as well as a potential vehicle for $60 $30. More details to come as we get them.

Update: I incorrectly listed the vehicle price as $60, the MSRP is actually a more palatable $29.99.

Rumor Report: More Black Series Titanium Series Figures?

We saw a new assortment of 3.75″ Black Series Titanium Diecast figures finally hit after months of rumors for Force Friday II, but now it’s time to look beyond The Last Jedi. The untitled Han Solo movie is set to hit in May 2018 (for now) and we know that Lando will have a significant role in that film. As a refresher for the character, it would make sense to offer a version of him in his iconic outfit from Cloud City. And where there’s one, there should be more, right?