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Haslab: Jabba’s Sail Barge Update 2

HasLab has issued an update to backers of the Vintage Collection Jabba’s Sail Barge. In this behind the scenes update, we get a look at the process of how and which colors were chosen for the dozens of parts used in its assembly, as well as the construction of the sails. Check it out in the link above for more plus a video tour of a scale model built to discuss those choices with Lucasfilm.

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Brace Yourself for Bent Barge Booklets

Here is a preemptive warning to those expecting a Behind the Workbench booklet for the Jabba’s Sail Barge. Due to the oversized envelope and the average size mailboxes people have, letter carriers are forced to fold/bend/crease the booklets to fit, yielding less than ideal conditions for this limited edition document. I would think a  simple “DO NOT BEND” stamp could have alleviated some of the potential damage.

Thanks to Jack for the use of his image.

Update: Sail Barge Coming to UK?

Dark Side Toys has announced that they will be sharing some details soon on what appears to be an option for UK fans to order Hasbro’s most impressive Sail Barge.   This could be a big step toward making this project a reality.

Update: Steve Evans himself is endorsing this option for overseas collectors via his personal Instagram account.

Update 2: FWIW  Steve deleted his post.