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SDCC Hasbro Panel Recap


Hasbro announced a few items during their SDCC Panel:

The Black Series (6″):
Ahsoka (Rebels)
Sabine (Rebels)
Kanan (Rebels)
Jango Fett (AOTC)
Luke Skywalker Farmboy (ANH)
Elite TIE Fighter with Pilot (The Force Awakens) – $169.99
Darth Revan (Fans’ Choice Winner)

Star Wars Rebels (3.75″)
New Male Inquisitor (Season 2)

New FX Darth Vader Lightsaber
New FX Yoda Lightsaber

From what I heard, much more was planned to be shown, but mysteriously wasn’t. The wait continues….

UPDATE: SDCC Exclusive First Order Stormtrooper Has Sold Out


At least people can shop safely now.

Willrow Hood Secret Character Key from Acme Archives

Our friends at JediDefender turn our attention to this secret SDCC exclusive Willrow Hood Character Key from Acme Archives. What a surprise!

Our SDCC 2015 Coverage Is Awakening


San Diego Comic-Con is nearly here and as we have done in the past,  we will be aggregating news as it is revealed via our site and various social media channels. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news. If you are sensitive to constant alerts, notifications and potential spoilers,  we suggest you temporarily mute our channel(s) over the next few days. That being said, we hope you follow along and experience the reveals with us. #sdcc2015