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Disney Announces Star Wars Mini Droid Blind Packs

Collect all 12 of these mini droid figures from the Star Wars universe. You won’t know which one you got until you open the box! With detachable and interchangeable heads and arms, you can mix and match to build your own droid! MSRP $4.95 each.

Available at Disney stores (Dec. 10) and shopDisney.com (Nov. 19)

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Upcoming Disney Store Black Series Exclusives Promo


Disney Stores are currently promoting their new exclusives Black Series figures coming in early November. As you can see in the image above (provided by Ryan F.) they are showing the 6″ Captain Phasma (Quicksilver Baton), Stormtrooper with Blast Accessories and Zuckuss. They also handing out an in store coupon right now for 25% off valid Nov. 8-11 so hopefully some/all of the exclusive hit in that timeframe.

6” Black Series Wolffe Now On ShopDisney

ShopDisney now has a listing for the shared 6” Black Series Clone Commander Wolffe. Priced at a competitive $19.95, it is currently on backorder and will be available on or around Sept. 3. That’s a nice sign for 6” Zuckuss if that retail partnership  holds true.

Thanks to Twitter follower @j5unD for the heads-up.

update: Also Available on Barnes  & Noble.

Solo: A Star Wars Story – 3.75″ Wind-Up Fight Droids

If you’re looking for more cool 3.75″ style figures to add to your Solo:  A Star Wars Story collection, you can order some “wind up” Fight Droids through Shop Disney that look to be pretty close to in scale with the standard 3.75″ scale brand by clicking here.

Special thanks to Yakface Forum member EndorJunkie for the heads up!