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Sponsor News: K&C Collectibles

K & C Collectibles has added New Star Wars Hot Wheels, Sideshow, Gentle Giant Bust, Puzzles, Magazine and earlier issues of Star Wars Insider this week.  Click the NEW PRODUCTS link under the Categories Section for a complete list of recently added items.

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Update: Boba Fett Life-Size Bust Preorder Now Available

Sideshow has announced that preorders will begin later today for their Boba Fett Life-Size Bust.

Measuring over 30” tall, Boba Fett has an articulated helmet, allowing you to display him on the lookout for his next target. His helmet also features an articulated range finder and synthetic hair Wookiee scalps adorning his shoulder as trophies of his seasoned past.

UPDATE: Preorders now open

Hot Toys Reveals Details for Emperor Palpatine Sixth Scale Figure (Standard and Deluxe)

Hot Toys has revealed the full details for their Emperor Palpatine Sixth Scale figure. It is available in a Standard Version, plus an Deluxe Version that includes his throne (with LED function) and Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber hilt. Both versions include an assortment of creepy hands, his signature cane and Sith lightning.

Update: Preorders are now live (at the above affiliate links) at SideshowToy.com

Luke Skywalker Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure Preorder

Sideshow Collectibles is now taking preorders for their Luke Skywalker Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure.

The Luke Skywalker Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure captures Luke’s journey through Return of the Jedi with an incredible variety of customizable display options.  Recreate key scenes from the Star Wars saga with the three distinct looks included with the Luke Skywalker Deluxe figure- Jabba’s Palace Luke, Endor Luke, and Jedi Knight Luke.

Hot Toys Boba Fett Sixth Scale Preorders

Sideshow has opened preorders for two Boba Fett Sixth Scale figures from Hot Toys. The first is the standard Boba Fett as seen in The Empire Strikes Back, the second is a preproduction deluxe version that includes* new helmet with jaig eyes, unique gloves hands, green cape, red and yellow gauntlets, special blasters and more.

*Deluxe version includes all of the accessories as the standard release.