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Target Clearances

target clearance deluxeAs you are likely aware, Target stores are marking down basically everything in their older Star Wars inventory prior to the Force Friday launch September 4.

Some stuff is down 50% now, including the 6″ scale deluxes at some stores for just $12.48 per forum member TVC15’s report (recall Target lowered the everyday price on these a while back once it became apparent that there wasn’t enough demand to move them at full retail of $39.99).

Personal Note:  If you’ve been holding out on these, the 6″ deluxes are pretty good, so passing on this price could lead to regret down the road...


Black Series Awakening at Target?


Over the weekend, forum member Jodo ran into something very few people have seen at a Target store in a long, long time… several new Black Series figures.  Not full cases, of course, since Target seems to reject the notion of giving their customers a full selection of Star Wars figures these days, but it still seems like a positive sign (I ran into some stores that also stocked last week, though it was as usual, just 2-3 figures at a time).

Keep those store reports coming in, and hopefully the last handful of figures from the final waves of pre-Episode 7 Black Series actually make it to the pegs in decent supply before the onslaught of product in September…

New TBS 6″ Continue to Hit Retail


On my way out of town prior to the Memorial Day holiday weekend, I managed to find the latest wave of 6″ Black Series figures which includes Emperor Palpatine, Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper Disguise) and Clone Trooper Captain as well as the repack of Han Solo (Stormtrooper Disguise). This assortment (now in multi-lingual packaging) continues trickle out through retailers like Target and Toys”R”Us so keep your eyes open.

Hasbro Toy Talk by Jodo: Part 4


Forum member Jodo has posted a new bit on his blog about the current state of Hasbro’s Star Wars lineup.  In particular, a focus on what so many of us encounter when we walk into a retail store, planning to spend some money on the brand, but just can’t find anything we want.  And of course, the price hike to $12.99 that many outlets now charge for The Black Series.

Check it out here, and share your thoughts in our comments section or in the forums!

SAGA Legends Price Hikes at TRU


Toys”R”us stores are starting to jack up the price on the single Legends figures.  While other retailers have kept these in the $6 range, Toys”R”us apparently thinks they can get quite a bit more.  The price is pretty outrageous, in my opinion, especially since this line is supposed to be more economical for the kids (so we’re told).

Head to the forums to see what these will probably ring up for at the register if you decide to purchase any of these at your local Toys”R”us, and share your thoughts!

Wal-Mart Awakens


Tonight I swung by Wal-Mart, and questioned why I even waste my time there anymore.  But to my surprise, I walked by the pallets and saw a fresh case of Wave 1 Rebels figures.  Perhaps this is an isolated chance of dumb luck, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing other similar reports soon – so it may be worth your while to add Wal-Mart back to your occasional toy runs… because this toy run dry spell can’t last forever.