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Clearance of Destiny

In what should not be a surprise to many, Walmart stores are starting to clearance the Forces of Destiny line as part of their “post-Christmas” clearance binge.  Check your local store if you were looking to acquire these.

Personal Note:  I thought this line was doomed as soon as it was announced.  And I rarely see anyone pay attention to them in the stores (I do casually observe other customers).  This felt like a “forced niche” item that Disney pushed, and I would feel this line has fallen short of retailer expectations to this point.   For those that do like it, or have children that enjoy these, I hope the line continues for years to come.  But I personally can’t see it having legs for an extended time; unless it’s marketed better and perhaps the product moved to the store section the audience these are targeted at frequent most.

Got Ross?

Hasbro’s “Wal-Mart Exclusive” Black Series AT-ST is showing up at some Ross stores for a mere $21.99 – one heck of a price for this spectacular vehicle and driver figure.

Personal Note:  Chalk this up to another miscalculation by Hasbro… while they made the legs more sturdy, and this is a fantastic toy, the standard MSRP of $59.99 is just too much for a vehicle that has seen multiple releases over the past decade; especially when the target audience is people who probably have already bought multiples of it.

However, if it came with a Jedha rebel, and perhaps a small Jedha building wall section, this would have been a smash hit – but that kind of thinking probably doesn’t even cross Hasbro’s mind.

The Day After Clearances Begin at Target

Retailers are wasting no time starting their post-Christmas/end of year clearances. I braved my local Target this morning (Plymouth, MN) and snapped a few pics and grabbed a few items as well. At this particular store, you can find the Black Series Centerpiece Vader and Luke for $14.98 (reg. 49.99), Black Series Rogue One 3 pk for $17.98 (reg. $59.99), Target Exclusive Era of the Force Action Figure 8pk.  for $19.98 (reg. 39.99) and Poe Dameron’s Ski Speeder for $19.98 (reg. $39.99). Head to your local store to find deals like these and more, and of course, your selection may vary.

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How well are TLJ figures selling?

Retailers need to have a good sell-through this holiday season, and from what I am starting to witness the week before Christmas, Hasbro’s line appears to be moving better right now than it was at this time in 2015/2016.

How about in your area?  Are things moving, or does it look like a retail disaster?  Share your thoughts and store reports after the jump!

Jyn Erso Deja Vu

So here were are the week before Christmas, and the same time TLJ his theaters… and another 3.75″ wave is starting to show up; wich includes a very familar face from the past year in Rogue One packaging.

Personal Note:  While I applaud Hasbro for getting another 3.75″ assortment out right now, I have to question why they included this figure of Jyn.  She is probably just going to add to the logjam of Hux, Rose and Finn that are already colllecting dust… 

We all love Jyn, but she’s essentially a carry forward figure that pegwarmed like crazy all of last year.  Is this the best you can do, Hasbro?  How about throwing in a bizarre alien from Canto Bight instead?  Or a resitance trooper with some removable gear?  Or include a First Order Stormtrooper again?  Sigh.

Am I right?  Or being too harsh?  Share your thoughts and recent finds in the forums!