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Gamestop Toy Runs

A few days ago,  I scored the new 6″ Bespin Han at Gamestop (only 6″ Star Wars figure they had).  So, if you don’t feel like trying to track this down at a big box retailer or online, you might want to swing by your local Gamestop if you have time and try your luck!

Personal Note:  This is my favorite Han so far in this scale.  Truly awesome.  Pick this one up you see it, I think you’ll be a fan even if you don’t collect this scale.

Got Gordmans?

While out and about today,  I swung by my local Gordmans store (thanks to a tip from St. Louis area collector Darth Stringfield) – and saw a huge amount of AT-ACT’s for $70.00 each (and a handful of basic Rogue One figures for $2.99 each).

Personal Note:  Even if you didn’t care for the way Hasbro engineered this walker, for this price, I don’t feel you can go wrong.  Even if one gets it just for a shelf display, it’s still really cool.  You can also check to see if you have a Gordmans within reasonable driving distance from you on their store locator.

Moloch Wave @ Walmart

It’s pretty easy to want to skip Walmart on toy runs these days for a lot of us given how badly they have handled anything Star Wars related the past few years, but they are currently stocking the Moloch wave in some parts of the US.

So if you’re looking for figures from the second assortment of Solo, it might be worth your while to make a stop to check out what they have on the pegs.

Hasbro TLJ Merchandise Clearances at Target

Some Hasbro merchandise for The Last Jedi has started hitting clearance at Target. 50% discounts can be found on products like the Canto Bight Speeder, Resistance A-wing, Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer,  the Exclusive Return of the Jedi Action Figure Set that includes Jedi Luke, Royal Guard and Emperor Palpatine. Your mileage may vary, but swinging down the Star Wars aisle might yield some savings.

Look Familiar?

My oh my, what an uninspiring time the retail scene is these days for Star Wars…

5POA for the Solo line is front loaded with non-Solo movie figures,  6″ TBS is a rare store find at all, and TVC has kicked off with carry forwards that Walmart is pushing to the clearance section (hopefully this stops with Wave 2 and we see true peg space dedicated to them).

The only place worth even stopping to check out the Star Wars section at all in my neck of the woods is Target, who at least seems to be trying (but even there, the scene is pretty sad) .  How goes it in your area?

Meanwhile, in Mattel’s Jurassic World section…