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New Target DPCI List Surfaces


Our friends at JediDefender have received a new list of Target DPCI numbers (and prices) for later this year courtesy of forum member “Nicklab”. The list breaks down several segments of toys from action figures (3.75″, 6″ & 12″), vehicles, roll play, Micro Machines and more. Click on through to check it out. Spoiler warnings apply.

Update: You can also check out the list at the Venganza Media Gazette if your workplace has a block on message boards/forums.

Signs of Life at Target


Reports are coming in that Target stores across the United States are starting to receive singles here and there of the second wave of Rebels figures (already in the past week, I’ve seen more of these figures than all of Wave 1 combined since they were first released).

Be on the lookout as there’s a good chance your local Target store is receiving these too – even if it’s just 1-2 figures at a time.

Hasbro Toy Talk by Jodo: Part 3


Forum member Jodo has posted another good read on his blog about the issues the Star Wars fan base is dealing with, this time focusing on the action figure price increases that appear to be looming across the hobby, and have already impacted Target (well, maybe not so much yet because retailers rarely stock anything anymore that the Star Wars market wants anyway).

Check it out here, and share your thoughts in our comments section or in the forums!