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More Bad News: Price Hikes Hitting Target


We’ve been receiving (and witnessing first hand) reports that Target is instituting a new series of price hikes for the Saga Legends and Black Series 3-3/4″ lines – approaching $8 and $12 respectively (depending on market) to coincide with their new aisle resets. Personally, I think the price hike on the Saga Legends is a much harder pill to swallow than the increase on the TBS figures. Granted, haters of the SL figures weren’t going to be swayed with a price drop on this line either, but it sure hurts the enthusiasm I have had for the line.

What do you think? Discuss the matter in our forums.

Target Stores Receiving Black Series Singles


There have been reports that Target stores are getting in “single figures” from The Black Series for a little while now rather than full cases.  Understandably, some collectors have thought this information was incorrect.  But this is certainly happening, as illustrated by the above evidence provided by Darth Chuck.

I have seen evidence of this on one occasion so far.  Who else is seeing this?  Is this an eye-opener for Hasbro?  Head on over to the forums and let us know what you’re seeing at your local Target and share your thoughts on this interesting development after the jump!

More New Goodies at Target


After one of the largest droughts in modern Star Wars collecting history, new Star Wars items are being found (mostly at Target so far), including the very cool new Mos Eisley Cantina by Lego.  While not all Target stores have officially put these items on the shelves yet, some have (and the most others have them in their stockrooms by now for imminent aisle resets).  So keep your eyes peeled, and hopefully many of you have been saving your collecting dollars for the influx of new product that is about to bombard the toy aisles!